Twas the Night Before Christmas


Status: Finished
Production Date: November 20 2007 - December 19 2007
Length: 17 min.
Director(s): William Mok
Camera Man/Men: William Mok
Scriptwriter(s): William Mok, Jonathan Lim
Video Editor(s): William Mok
Genre: Comedy


     A kid bears a year-old grudge against the worldly Santa.  On Christmas eve, he plans to exact his revenge.  He sets up traps and plots to capture Santa.  Will he succeed? Is he ready to meet the real Santa face to face?

Characters (6)

Gavin - Gavin Wong.  Sinister teenager that tries to capture Santa Claus.

Santa - Chad (Ntujtshiab) Ly.  Unknowingly visits the place of his possible demise.  Unexpectedly ghetto-speaking and annoying.

Jon - Jonathan Lim.  Late-night Christmas caroler

Asee - Asee Thao.  Late-night Christmas caroler

Nou - Nou Thao.  Late-night Christmas caroler

Lee - Lee Thao.  Late-night Christmas caroler

Parent (REMOVED) - Optional; Voice only (no acting).  Yells at Gavin for being too loud and wakes him up the next morning.  Annoying, stereotypical parents.

Script (6)

Scene 1: The Awakening (Finished December 5-8 2007) #

-- Pan across dimly lit room with Christmas tree and presents. --
» There is a slightly blue-tinged aura throughout the scene, and the house appears lifeless and vacant.  Peaceful Christmas tune.
-- Pan across bedroom, which appears to completely contrast the calm, peaceful scene before.  Stop camera directly centered above the blanketed bed, the sleeper hidden from view. --
» Suddenly Gavin sits up (very stiffly, like a robot that springs up), a strange, crazed smirk on his face.
-- Cut close to Gavin's face and his smirk becomes an evil psychotic grin. --

Scene 2: The Plot (Finished December 8 2007) #

-- Cut through series of scenes as Gavin sets up traps.  Dramatic, holy Christmas Music. --
» Monologue with twisted voice describing the kid's intent on capturing Santa as scenes progress.
-- Occasionally cut to wall to film shadow of Gavin's actions. --
-- Often cut to Gavin's face at dutch angle with him cackling evilly. --

-- Cut to wall as Gavin lines it with wire. --
-- Cut to angle towards ceiling as wire wrapped across view. --
-- Cut to floor full of thumbtacks and Gavin pulls a mat over it. --
-- Cut to dutch angle up towards Gavin. --
» Gavin is sawing fervously at some wood.
-- Cut to dutch angle from side. --
» Gavin maniacally raises a bear trap dangerously.
-- Cut to wall side view. --
» Gavin begins pounding some nails into the wall, but (cut to Gavin's expression) crushes his finger.
-- Cut to dutch angle. --
» Gavin stretchs out some duct tape and laughs evilly.
» End of Traps//

-- Random moment where Parent yells at Gavin for being too loud. --
Parent: Gavin!! Keep it down!
-- End with traps seemingly hidden but obviously in plain view.  Dead center beyond the traps as a lure, Gavin place a peaceful looking stool with a plate of cookies and glass of milk.  Fireplace should be lit to force Santa through door. --

Scene 3: The Surprise (Finished December 8 2007) #

» Randomly interrupt with a doorbell.
-- Gavin, who is interrupted either setting a trap or laughing, confusedly glances at the clock behind him.  It is 1 AM in the morning. --
-- Cut to front door which Gavin opens to reveal Asee, Jon, Nou, and Lee (start with one caroler, and repeat until 4) in holiday outfits. --
» Carolers sing and get door slammed on each time.  At the fourth one, they sing and then stop.
» Pause as they all look at each other.
» Jon holds up donation cup.
Jon: Have you found Jesus?
» Gavin slams door.

Scene 4: The Anticipation (Finished December 8 2007) #

-- Fade through scenes of Gavin as a nervous wreck as time passes (fade with clock ticking). --
» Dramatic music.  Gavin constantly puts his hands together like an evil madman.
» Gavin got bored, randomly starts playing video games while waiting (PSP or something).
» Suddenly the whole ground shakes.  Gavin is shocked and scared for a moment.  Gavin slowly recovers.
» The house shakes again and Gavin falls completely out of the camera.
-- Cut to fireplace. --
Santa: (deep voice) Ho ho ho! (discovers blocked fireplace) What the- Who the hell leaves a fire running on Christmas Eve?
-- Swerve to front door. --
» There is a huge pounding and the door slams open.
Santa: (ghetto and attitude) Ho! Ho! Ho!
» He steps in all ghetto.
-- Cut to his face. --
Santa: (happily) Wassup!
-- Zoom out. Room is empty and Chad is talking to himself. --
-- Cut to Chad's perspective, seeing the traps.  Focus on milk and cookies in center. --
-- Cut to side view close to ground. --
» Chad marches slowly.

-- Zoom out to reveal Gavin snickering behind a couch. --
Closeup of trip wire near Chad's feet.--
--Cut to Chad's face and slowly zoom out as he creep hungrily toward the camera. --
» Suddenly he gets stuck and yells out in pain.  The house shakes.
--Cut to Chad's foot, an inch from tripwire. --
--Cut to disappointed Gavin.--
--Cut to full view to reveal Chad stuck in the doorway, too big to get into the room with the milk and cookies.--
--Cut to Gavin, who slaps himself in disappointment.--
--Cut to Chad, who is in a state of wonder for a moment before growing angrier and angrier.  He somehow squeezes through, yelling barbarically.--
--Cut to Gavin in wonder and anticipation.--
--Cut to Chad's feet snapping the wire--
--Cut to stool of milk and cookies, which is suddenly yanked out of view (speed up effect)--
--Cut to Chad, who stumbles and stops, confused--
--Cut to wire against wall, which slides out of view.--
--Cut to Gavin snickering, a line of wire in front of him. --
» The wire begins to slide and whips out of sight, while dragging in a large object which knocks Gavin out cold.
--Cut to Chad bickering over his loss. ('No milk and cookies!  No presents for you son!') --
» Suddenly, a wire behind him slides out of view, spinning Chad senseless.  The wire in front of Chad also snaps and Chad falls.  The house shakes violently.
--Fade out==

Scene 5: Revanche (Finished December 8 2007 - December 17 2007) #

-- Cut to corner. --
» Santa regains consciousness, is tied up.
» Gavin steps in.
-- Cut to Gavin. --
Gavin: (triumphant) Now I've got you, Santa!

-- Cut to Santa. --
Santa: (groggy) Huh?  What's going on?

-- Cut to side. --
Gavin: This is for bringing me socks last Christmas!  What the hell man?
Santa: (calmly)  What?   That wasn't me, your mom bought those socks and said I brought them.

-- Cut to Gavin. --
Gavin:  Hey, don't talk about my mom!

-- Slowly zoom on Santa. --
Santa: (speaking low) But...I'm your father.

-- Cut to Gavin. --
Gavin: (pause)  Really?

-- Cut to side. --
Santa: No, hell no.
Gavin: (angry) Stop messing with me!  Who's the hostage here, me or you?
Santa: (serious) All right, what do you want? Quick, I ain't got all day. (bored)

-- Cut to Gavin. --
Gavin: (thinking) I want...Guitar Hero 3.

-- Cut to side. --
Santa: Deal.

-- Cut to Gavin. --
Gavin: (rubs chin) But wait...if you can get me that, you can get me anything I could possibly want!

-- Cut to Santa. --
Santa: That is true.  But do you really to be responsible for denying all the other children their Christmas?

-- Cut to Gavin. --
Gavin: (pauses, as if thinking) Yes yes I do.

-- Cut to Santa. --
Santa: (disappointed) Aw, what? You evil, no good..

-- Cut to Gavin. --
Gavin: (ranting) You're right.  I hate everything about Christmas.  Tell me-what's there to like about such a sappy holiday?

-- Cut to side. --
Santa: (cheerfully) Well, the food, the gifts, spending time with relatives, and of course the Christmas songs!
Gavin: Oh, don't even get me started on those songs!  They make me sick!  I can't stand them!
Santa: Oh, but they're classics!  How could you hate (lists Christmas songs)
Gavin: Don't!  Just hearing the names hurts my ears!
» Santa begins singing twisted ghetto versions of traditional holiday songs.

-- Cut to Santa. --
» Santa begins singing on and on.

-- Cut to Gavin. --
» Gavin groans in agony, goes crazy.

» Slideshow effect of Santa rapping and doing ghetto versions of Christmas songs, with Gavin in pain.  Eventually, Gavin can't take anymore.
-- Cut to outside side view, where Gavin kicks Santa out and slams the door --
» Santa, supposedly with his hands tied up, releases himself.
-- Cut to Santa facing door. --
» Santa pounds on the door angrily.
Santa: Hey! Where's my milk and cookies?!
-- Cut to opposite view facing Santa. --
» Door opens and Gavin hands Santa his food hastily before shutting the door.
-- Close up on Santa as he enjoys his snack. --
Santa: (ghetto with attitude) Ho ho ho!

Scene 6: A Merry Christmas (Finished December 8 2007) #

-- Cut to Gavin's bed as sun rises. --
Parent: Gavin! Wake up! It's Christmas!
» Gavin wakes sleepily.
-- Zoom out from bed to nearby table. --
» Gavin gasps in the background at the present.  He snatches and opens the present.
-- Zoom to Gavin's frantic face as he opens the present.  Hide what the gift is. --
-- Cut to Gavin's view of gift, Guitar Hero 3 with a sticky note. --
Note: (Santa voice-over) Merry Christmas son! Hope ya'll learn now that Christmas is all 'bout givin'! You gimme a cookie, I give ya a gift! Enjoy!
-- Cut to Gavin's face, slowly creeping from wary to overjoyed expression. --
-- Cut to sideview. --
» Gavin dances in joy and runs out of the room.
-- Cut to room with gaming console. --
» Gavin rushes in and sits in front of the TV.  He opens the Guitar Hero 3.
-- Cut to his face. --
» Gavin goes from overjoyed to sudden shock.
-- Cut to game in his hand. --
» The box is empty.
-- Fade to black. --