In the Midst of Night

Characters (1)

Alaina - Alaina Fong.  Gavin's friend. Caring but talks a lot.  Very trusting of people; believes things easily.

Script (11)

Scene 1: Summer End (Finished March 5 2009) #

-- Low view from grass, slowly pan up to show Alaina, Asee, and Gavin walking along levee. --
Gavin: How much longer? We've been walking kind of far already.
Alaina: It should be around here somewhere.  There's supposed to be a meteor shower tonight!
Asee: Alright! I can't wait!
-- Cut to low angle of them arriving and standing at edge. --
Gavin: Well, here we are.  See anything?
Asee: Oh I see - no wait - ah I was just seeing things.
Alaina: You just have to be patient. I'm sure it'll come.  The paper said so.
» A short pause before Gavin interrupts. Gavin and Alaina respond somewhat hesistantly at first.
Gavin: The forecasters could be wrong.
Alaina: Well... they could also be right.
Gavin: Most of the time they're wrong though.
Alaina: (sigh) You can't always doubt everything Gavin.  Life gets boring otherwise.
Asee: Hey guys - let's not fight already.  It's our last night together; let's make it worth while.
Alaina: Asee's right - let's not argue.  I still can't believe we're finally out of school, starting to work for ourselves and all.
Gavin: Makes you wish you were still in school sometimes.
Alaina: I guess... I'm more excited though. It's just different.
Asee: Hey don't forget I'm still stuck in school for another year. Not everyone graduates you know!
» Moment of silence as they all watch the sky. Gavin who shakes his head, looking down as he speaks. Alaina sighs and looks away from the sky.
Gavin: (sigh) I - I'm sorry.  I just don't think-
Alaina: "Don't think" - you just never-
Asee: Shh! Guys - Look!
» All three look toward the sky; bright flash lights up them against the dark sky behind them.
-- Cut behind the characters, dark against a bright sky, dimming down after shooting star passed. --
Alaina: That was beautiful.
Gavin: ... Looks like I was wrong afterall.
-- Fade to black. --

Scene 4: Night 1 (Finished March 14 2009 - March 31 2009) #

-- View of house.  Gavin walking home, talking to Alaina on cell. --
Alaina: So how was your first day at work?
Gavin: It was okay. The manager said I'll probably move up.
Alaina: That's good.  Did you meet anyone interesting?
-- Cut to door. --
Gavin: Yeah, you won't believe it though.  I met -
» Gavin pauses at his door, looks at opened window.
Alaina: Is something wrong?
-- Cut to view of Gavin from inside house. --
Gavin: Nothing. I just thought - actually nevermind.  How was your day?
-- Cut inside view of door as Gavin steps in. --
Alaina: Me? It was great.  I'm only a student teacher right now, but the kids are -
» Gavin smells something bad and coughs.
Alaina: Gavin! That's not nice!
Gavin: No it's not that.  It's just - something smells really bad in here.
-- Cut to light switch. --
» Gavin flips it on and off several times, but nothing happens.
Gavin: Hm, the power isn't working again. Gotta remember to call the manager.
-- Cut to window. --
» Gavin reaches in to close it.
-- Cut to drawers. --
» Gavin pulls out a flashlight.
-- Cut to Gavin's face as he tests out the light. --
Gavin: (chuckles) It's so strange.  You ever get the feeling like you're in a horror movie?
-- Cut to Gavin, dark against windows (lighter outside).  Short pause of silence. --
Gavin: Alaina?
-- Cut to Gavin's perspective. --
» Gavin takes cellphone off ear and looks at it; phone is dead.
-- Front view of Gavin. --
Gavin: (sigh) Not again.
» Gavin examines the phone, accidentally dropping the flashlight which goes out.
Gavin: Dammit.
-- Cut to counter, Gavin groping his way through darkness. --
-- Cut to ground Flashlight rolls to a stop next to a body.  Gavin feels his way along the ground, feels the flash light and flicks it on.
Gavin: Shit!
» Gavin falls backwards and lands off camera.
-- Cut to dead body of Alex on ground, lit by flashlight. --
-- Cut to ground, Gavin sliding backwards away from the body. --
-- Cut to Gavin's fearful expression as he stops against wall. --
-- Cut behind Gavin's shoulder as he sits hunched, dead body (Alex) at distance. --
-- Fade to black. --

Scene 5: Day 2 Morning (Finished March 14 2009 - March 31 2009) #

-- Unfade to outside shot of house at dawn. --
-- Cut to clock ticking at 6:31. --
-- Cut to faucet. --
» Gavin lets it run, washes his hands which are bloody.
-- Cut to cereal, untouched. --
-- Cut to empty counter. --
-- Cut to Gavin at table, not eating or anything. --
-- Closeup of Gavin, talking on wired phone at wall, see only his hand. --
Alaina: So what did you do with it?
Gavin: I didn't know what to do... I couldn't call the cops - they'd think I did it.

// Flashback
-- Closeup Alex's body, with Gavin sitting in the distance, scared. --
-- Closeup of phone with slow pan. --

Alaina: So what did you do with it?
Gavin: What did I do with what?
Alaina: The body - what did you do with the body?
Gavin: I... I hid it.

// Flashback
-- Low angle of Gavin packing something into a black bag. --
-- Closeup of bag being dragged on the ground, limb sticking out. --
-- Distant low angle of front door slightly open. --
» Gavin hunched over, dragging bag out the door.

Alaina: Where?
» Gavin sighs, uncomfortable.
Gavin: I-I gotta go.  I'm almost late for work.
Alaina: What?! Wait - hold on!
» Gavin hangs up and walks off.

Scene 6: Day 2 Workplace (Finished March 28 2009 - March 31 2009) #

-- Close up of Gavin at his desk, sleeping. --
» Boss slams fist on Gavin's desk.
Boss: Gavin, wake up! I can tell right now we're probably not keeping you for long.
-- Cut to Boss at front of the room, not showing face. --
Boss: All of you - I expect to see only the best.  Sara has called in sick today, so it is my sole displeasure to have to evaluating you now instead.  Remember I expect only the best.  That means you too Gavin! If you sleep again, you will be fired!
-- Cut to Gavin falling asleep again. --
» Simon sticks his head in and slams the desk, waking him.
-- Pan to Simon at his own desk, smirking. --
-- Cut to Boss, not showing face. --
» Boss scribbles something down on clipboard.
Boss: Thank you Simon.  I see potential in you already.
-- Cut to Simon smiling to himself. --
-- Fade to missing persons wall. --
» Gavin walking by, looking through wall of missing persons.  He stops and examines Alex's picture.
Gavin: How'd that get here so fast?
» Simon looks at him curiously from a distance.
» Gavin notices and glances at him briefly before his phone rings.
Gavin: Hello?
Alaina: Hey, Asee and I are going to eat out.  Want to come as well?
Gavin: Um, sure.  Definitely, I'll come.
Alaina: Okay, see you then.  Don't be late.
» Gavin walks off camera.  Simon continues to watch from distance.
-- Fade. --

Scene 7: Day 2 Dinner (Finished April 2 2009) #

-- Alaina and Asee at table, slow zoom out. --
» Asee is randomly talking out while Alaina clearly annoyed.
» Gavin walks in.
Asee: Hey Gavin!
Alaina: Hey Gavin.
Asee: Dude, how come when I go to your apartment, you don't answer.
Gavin: Um, when?
Asee: Like last night, when you were at work.
Gavin: Maybe because.. I'm at work?
Asee: Oh, but I saw someone there.  That wasn't you?
Gavin: No...
Asee: You sure?
» Awkward moment of silence.
Alaina: So what do you guys want to eat?
Asee: Oh what is there to eat? Talking about food makes me hungry.  I'm going to the bathroom - I'll be right back.
» Asee leaves Gavin and Alaina.
Alaina: So... was there anything you wanted to talk about?
Gavin: Like what?
Alaina: Like... the dead body?
Gavin: Let's not talk about it.
Alaina: You sure?
» Asee arrives back cutting them off.  He then goes off on a tangent, leaving the other two speechless.

Scene 9: Day 3 Morning (Finished March 14 2009 - March 31 2009) #

-- Closeup to wired phone as Gavin calls Alaina. --
Gavin: It happened again.
Alaina: What happened?
Gavin: The dead body.
Alaina: What do you mean? I thought you got rid of it.
Gavin: No - it's a different one.
Alaina: Different? You mean like another dead body appeared?
Gavin: Yes! What else would I mean?!

// Flashback
-- Closeup to black bag on ground, slow pan up to Gavin packing body into it. --
-- Closeup to Gavin's face as he angrily stuffs the body. --

Gavin: Goddammit - why is this happening to me?!
Alaina: Gavin-
Gavin: I'm so screwed man - what am I going to do?
Alaina: Gavin-
Gavin: Someone's going to find out-
Alaina: Gavin!
» Gavin pauses, very nervous wreck.
Alaina: Gavin, you did nothing wrong.  It's not your fault.

Scene 11: Day 4 Morning (Finished March 14 2009 - March 31 2009) #

-- Gavin leaning against the wall, talking on the phone. --
Gavin: You're right - I'm so glad you said that.  It really isn't my fault.  I don't know what I was worrying about.
Alaina: Wait, so you're still getting dead bodies every night?
Gavin: It's not that big of a deal.  Gets easier once you know what you're doing.
Alaina: (pause) But there are people, dead people, showing up at your home every night.  Things like that don't just happen - you know that.
» Awkward pause.  Gavin starts feeling uncomfortable.
Gavin: Well there's nothing I can do about it... Besides, they're nobody I know anyways.
-- Cut to window. --
» Asee pokes his head up briefly (too quick for us to see clearly).
-- Cut back to Gavin, who freezes. --
-- Cut back to window, no one there. --
-- Cut to wall with phone, away from Gavin's face. --
Gavin: Hold on.  I'll call you back.
» Gavin puts the phone down slowly and walks toward the window.
-- Closeup of Gavin's feet stepping slowly. --
-- Slow zoom on front door. --
» Gavin whips open the front door to reveal Asee with his back to us.  Asee not paying attention at first, slowly turns around.  Asee waves.
Asee: Hey, Gavin!
-- Cut to angle showing Gavin and Asee. --
Gavin: Asee? What are you doing here? Don't you have school?
Asee: It's a weekend Gavin - why would I have school on a weekend.
Gavin: Oh, is it? Well I still have work today; the company gives us a 7-day work week.
Asee: Oh, that sucks.
Gavin: Yeah.
-- Awkward pause. --
Asee: Gavin man, isn't there something you want to tell me?
Gavin: Huh? Like what?
Asee: Oh I see how it is - cut me out of the loop.
Gavin: Wait what?
Asee: You tell Alaina, but not me.  You don't trust me or something?
Gavin: What are you talking about?
Asee: Dude - Gavin, what else am I talking about? You have dead people showing up at your house.
-- High angle shot of both of them, another pause. --
-- Close up on Gavin's face, tension. --
-- Cut back to both. --
Gavin: Don't say that so loud.
Asee: Oh, what? So now nobody can know?
-- Cut to Asee. --
» Asee turns around and starts yelling.
Asee: People! People of the world! Gavin has dea-
» Gavin spins him back around. Asee laughs.
Asee: I'm just kidding - you take it so serious.  I wouldn't do that to you.  Come on.
-- Close up on Gavin, relieved but disturbed. --
Gavin: I don't know.  Seems like I don't even know my own friends anymore.

Scene 13: Night 4 (Finished March 14 2009 - March 31 2009) #

-- Follow Gavin as he goes back to his house, talking on his cellphone (similar to first night). --
Alaina: So did he actually call the cops?
Gavin: No, I don't think so.  I haven't heard anything.
Alaina: Where did he go then?
Gavin: I don't know.  I guess he went home or something.  That guy's unpredictable.
Alaina: I think he's having some issues back home.
Gavin: What do you mean?
Alaina: Well, last I heard from him, he's been having some trouble with his parents.  He hasn't come home or gone to school or anything.
-- Cut to door being unlocked. --
Gavin: Really? He told me today he wasn't at school cause it was a weekend; he didn't mention he was ditching or anything.
Alaina: Wait, did he came to your apartment?
-- High angle of Gavin at his door. --
Gavin: Yeah. Speaking of which, how did he find out about.. the problem I'm having.  Did you tell him?
» Silence. Gavin about to open his door but pauses.
-- Closeup to Gavin's face. --
Gavin: Alaina?
-- Cut behind Gavin, him facing the door, still paused. --
Alaina: I didn't tell him Gavin.  I don't know how he found out.
» Gavin steps back.
-- Cut sideways as Gavin backs up. --
Alaina: Gavin - I hate to say this - but do you think maybe Asee-
Gavin: Yeah, I know what you're thinking.  I don't know.
-- Angle of Gavin and the door in front of him.  Moment's pause. --
Gavin: Alaina - does Asee have a cell? (pause) Alaina?
-- Cut to phone in Gavin's hand as he looks at it. --
Gavin: Ugh, dead again.
-- Cut to Gavin. --
» Gavin sighs and gets ready to enter his house.
-- Cut to door inside. --
» Gavin slowly opens and walks in, pinching his nose.
-- Low angle behind dead body on ground, Gavin standing in background. --
-- Cut to counter. --
» Gavin reaches behind it and grabs a flashlight.
Gavin: So who'd you kill this time, Asee?
-- Closeup of Gavin fumbling with flashlight to get it on. --
-- Cut to floor in front of dead body and pan to face, following light.  It is Asee. --
-- Cut to flashlight being dropped on the ground. --
-- Cut to black. --

Scene 14: Day 5 Morning (Finished March 14 2009 - March 31 2009) #

-- Gavin on the wired phone again against wall.  Don't show his face. --
Alaina: (casually) So who's the dead guy this time?
Gavin: It was Asee.
Alaina: What?!
Gavin: It was Asee.
Alaina: But I thought-
Gavin: Yeah, well so did I, and we suspected him right up to his death. Goddammit I feel horrible.
-- Silence. --
Gavin: I should have done something.
Alaina: You should have called the cops.
Gavin: That's what Asee said! And look where it got him!
Alaina: (pause) Gavin, are you doing this?
Gavin: (pause) What?
Alaina: Are you doing this?
Gavin: What?!
Alaina: Just answer the question.
Gavin: Alaina, why would I-
Alaina: I don't know Gavin.  There's just no one else that fits.  I mean first of all it's your house. And then why are you so afraid of calling the cops? 
-- Closeup of Gavin biting his lip. --
Alaina: Maybe you don't really know you're doing this, like you have a split personality or something.  I don't know.  There's alot of good people that have personality disorders, but it can be fixed if you get help.
-- Closeup of Gavin tightening his fist. --
Alaina: (pause) Gavin?
-- Closeup of phone against Gavin's ear. --
Alaina: Gavin, what are you going to do?
Gavin: I don't know.  I'll think of something.
Alaina: Gavin, I didn't mean it that way.  It just came out wrong. I-
» Gavin hangs up and sighs, pauses for a bit to collect himself.
-- Cut to closet shelf. --
» Gavin pulls out a camera bag.
-- Cut to camcorder in Gavin's hands. --
» Gavin rotates and examines it.
-- Cut to counter or table with camcorder hidden under a towel. --
» Gavin steadies and secures it.
-- Cut to Gavin from camcorder's perspective. --
» Gavin finishes and waves, somewhat sadistic and tired.
-- Cut to distant shot of camcorder in background. --
» Gavin walks past and out the door.

Scene 18: Day 6 Cycles (Finished March 28 2009 - March 31 2009) #

++ Workplace ++
-- Cut to Gavin's empty desk. --
» Boss steps into view and pulls out a clipboard.
Boss: If he can't even keep a clean attendence, he's clearly not fit to work.
» Boss walks off, showing Simon sitting at his desk in the distance, watching.
Boss: Everyone, let that be a lesson to you all - you miss a day of work and you lose any chance of getting that position!
-- Cut to Simon, staring blankly. --
» Boss walks by.
Boss: Good job, on your work Simon.  Look sharp now.
» Simon doesn't react, just continues staring blindly.
++ Alaina's Classroom ++
-- Cut to Alaina at her desk, grading some work. --
» Alaina puts down her pen and sighs.  Alaina pulls out her cellphone and calls Gavin, but no response.
Alaina: Ugh, Gavin, why won't you pick up?
++ House ++
-- Cut to front of the house, fade from day time to night and back several times. --

Scene 19: Day End (Finished March 14 2009) #

++ It is daytime, several days past. ++
-- Cut to phone on the wall. --
» Phone rings but no answer.  Goes to answer machine instead.
Gavin: (answer machine) Hi, this is Gavin.  Leave message and I'll try to call you back.  Thanks.
Alaina: Hey, Gavin.  I haven't talked to you for days now.  Your boss says you haven't been showing up to work either.  You're starting to worry me.  Is everything alright? Call back please.
-- Pan across empty room and kitchen, stop at door. --
-- Cut outside front door. --
» Alaina knocks on the door but no response, tries to force open the door, sighs and leans against the door, not knowing what to do.
-- Low angle of the house from a distance. --
» Simon steps into view.
-- Low angle of Simon squinting into the sun. --
Simon: You looking for Gavin too?
-- Cut to Alaina. --
» Alaina stands up surprised.
Alaina: Yeah, I am.  Who are you?
-- Angle of Simon. --
» Simon is notably solumn, tired.
Simon: Just a coworker.  I knew Gavin a bit... not too well.  Not well enough I suppose.
-- Cut to Alaina. --
Alaina: What do you mean by that?
» Simon climbing up steps and stopping in front of her.
-- Cut to angle to show both. --
Simon: Well, I don't know how to put this - but did Gavin ever seem kind of... off... to you? (chuckles) I know this sounds weird and I really don't know how else to say this.
Alaina: I get what you mean.
Simon: (pause) You do? (more angrily) Because my best friend went missing about a week ago.  I haven't heard or seen him since.  Forgive me, but I think Gavin knows something about it.  He seems to know alot about the people that disappear around here.
-- Cut to Alaina, angled away from Simon. --
Alaina: Yeah, he does.
» Alaina looks down silently.  Simon walks past her and starts pounding on the door.
Simon: Gavin! Open up! Open up now! I know we haven't always been on good terms with each other, but I at least deserve some answers!
-- Simon up close to camera pounding on door, Alaina further back looking at him. --
Alaina: I don't think he's going to answer.
-- Side view of Simon facing the door. --
Simon: Well, if he won't open the door, I will.
» Simon steps back, and then charges and kicks the door, but no effect, instead hurting his own leg.
Simon: Ow! (laughingly)
» Simon revels in pain and then leans back against the door, sliding down into sitting position.
» Simon is laughing at himself at first, then laughing more sadistically.  Simon slams his fist on the ground, frustrated, shuts his eyes.
Simon: Goddammit! (pause as he rests his head against the door).  I'm sorry; it's just - normally Nathan would be here to laugh at me right now.  And right now he isn't.
-- Close up to Alaina watching understandingly. --
-- Angle down at Simon still sitting against the door. --
Alaina: Come on, get up.  I'll help you get the door open.  We both need to talk to Gavin.
» Simon opens his eyes and looks up at Alaina curiously.
-- Cut to door from inside. --
Alaina and Simon: One, two, three!
» The door rips open as Alaina and Simon charge through.  Simon stands firmly and looks about.  Alaina looks down toward the camera, eyes growing wide.
Simon: Gavin! Come out now! We need to speak to you!
» Simon notices Alaina's expression and follows her stare toward the camera.
-- Cut to low angle, Gavin up close on ground, Alaina and Simon in distance. --
Alaina: Gavin?
-- Slow pan to reveal Gavin's face, frozen in fear. --
-- Cut to black. --