A Pen's Worth


Status: Discontinued
Production Date: January 27 2009 - February 15 2009
Length: 10 min.
Director(s): William Mok
Camera Man/Men: William Mok, Gavin Wong
Scriptwriter(s): William Mok
Video Editor(s): William Mok
Genre: Comedy/Family


     Follow the stories of seemingly unrelated individuals as an ordinary pen makes it way into each of their lives.  A series of short stories linked together by the transfer of the pen.  Minimal dialogue, mostly music driven (song changes to match each character).

Characters (9)

Old Hand - Ashleen Lal.

Asee - Asee Thao.  Wants to offer the pen as a gift for Valentine's Day.

Ava - Ava Peng.  Offered the gift as a pen, but...

William - William Mok.  Aspires to be a writer.

Gavin - Gavin Wong.  Dreams of becoming a famous basketball player.

Nathan - Open.

Doctor (Pending) - Open.

Simon - Open.

Linda - Open.

Script (13)

Scene 1: Opening (Finished February 9 2009) #

-- Black with opening credits. --
-- Cut to desk and lamp in the dark. --
» Old Hand reaches out and turns on the light, places a book on the desk.
-- Cut to desktop with book: "A Pen's Worth". --
» Old Hand opens the book to reveal a sketch of a door.
-- Zoom into sketch and fade. --

Scene 2: Office (Finished February 9 2009) #

-- Unfade to door with note: "Dad's Room".  Zoom as door opens. --
-- Cut behind desk in a dark room.  Lamp and book up close. --
» Shadow of Asee and his hand flips on the light.
-- Cut to desk with papers. --
» Asee's hand brushes papers aside.
-- Cut to Asee's eyes, glancing nervously, then looks to side at calendar. --
-- Cut to calendar on wall. Pan across crossed-out days until Feb.14: Valentine's Day. --
-- Quick pan to last day on calendar: Dad comes back. --
-- Cut to Asee smiling schemingly. --
-- Cut to desk drawer with label: "Dad's Stuff - Don't Touch!" --
» Asee opens drawer and pulls out a box.
-- Cut to desk. --
» Box dropped on desk.
-- Cut to Asee's fingers quivering in the air. --
-- Cut back to desk. --
» Asee's fingers tremble above it, then reach forward and lift top off the box.
-- Cut to Asee's mouth curling into a crazed smile. --
-- Cut to box, open to reveal valuable-looking pen. --
-- Closeup on box at side view. Pan to follow pen. --
» Asee lifts pen out of box and holds up to his face, examining in wonder.
» Asee glances quickly toward calendar again.
-- Cut to Feb.14 Valentine's Day on calendar. --
-- Cut to Asee. --
» Asee glances at pen and happily lifts up box, stuffs pen into it.
» Pen breaks through bottom of the box.
» Asee frowns, then eyes grow wide.
-- Cut to desk. --
» Box tossed on desk upsidedown.
» Duck tape applied to bottom of box.
-- Cut to Asee's eyes, nervously focused. --
» Asee flips box back up and gently places the pen.
-- Cut to Asee's facial expression, satisfied. --

Scene 3: Walking to School (Pending) #

-- Cut outside at side of sidewalk.  Pan to follow Asee. --
» Asee strolls down happily and proud, hugging box to his chest.
-- Cut to his feet. --
-- Cut to front of Asee walking. --
-- Cut to Nathan checking mail. --
» Asee walks by and waves.
» Nathan waves back.
-- Cut to parking lot at cars. --
» Asee walks by, waves at Simon taking stuff out of a car and into a black bag.
» Simon looks confused and then tries to hide the bag behind him.
-- Cut behind Asee as he walks down somewhat empty hall toward C-Building. --
-- Pan sideways and focus on C-Building. --
» Bell rings as lighting fades from morning to afternoon.

Scene 4: Gift (Started February 3 2009) #

-- Cut to classroom door, close up. --
» Students flood out (no focus).

-- Cut to feet rushing across inside building hall. --
-- Cut to front angle of Ava still working on test at desk.  Gavin sitting in front also working but off-focus. --
-- Pan to reveal Asee behind Ava. --
-- Cut to Ava's shoulder. --
» Asee taps.
-- Cut to side view of Ava (left) and Asee (right). --
» Asee offers box as gift.
» Ava happy to receive it and places it at corner of her desk.
-- Cut to corner of her desk as she places it. --
-- Cut to angle behind Ava, toward Asee. --
» Ava gives Asee gift as well.
-- Cut slight angle of side view on Ava and Asee. --
-- Zoom out to reveal William sitting a few rows away. --
» William scribbles madly with pencil, hunched over.
-- Cut to close up of pencil. --
» Pencil breaks.
-- Cut to angle of William. --
» William agonizes over broken pencil.
-- Cut to Gavin's seat (he's hunched over writing). --
» Gavin sits up into view and pulls out cellphone to look at time, then looks upward at clock.
-- Cut to clock showing it's late. --
-- Cut to Gavin. --
» Gavin starts packing up.
-- Cut to his desk. --
» Gavin stacks and puts away his binders.
-- Cut to his backpack. --
» Gavin packs up, picks up his backpack and about to leave.
-- Cut to corner of Ava's desk. --
» Gavin walks by, knocks the box slightly off the desk.
-- Cut to floor with book. --
» Pen hits book and bounces off sideways.
-- Close up on box. --
» Pen falls out of bottom of the box.
-- Cut to Ava and Asee (side view), still chatting. --
» Gavin walks by.
» Asee trying to figure out how to open gift.  Ava opens it for him and he's happy.
-- Cut to angle of William, head on one hand. --
» Fiddling with pencil, not sure what to do.
» William glances around a bit wearily, then stop and stare at floor.

-- Cut to pen on floor. --
-- Cut back to William, surprised. --
» William leans over to pick up pen and examines.
-- Cut to full view of William and his desk covered in pencil pieces. --
» William tests pen a bit and starts scribbling madly.
-- Cut back Ava and Asee. --
» Asee happy with gift after seemingly taking a long time to open it.
» Ava happy as well and turns back toward her desk and about to pick up box (hand on box but stops).
Asee: Oh by the way, I need it back when you're done.
» Ava confused at first.  Asee smiles back nervously.  Ava laughs, thinking it's a joke.
Ava: What's that supposed to mean?
» Asee continues smiling, looks more nervous.
Asee: I'm serious.
» Ava stops laughing/smiling, looks blank.
-- Cut to door slam as Ava leaves. --
-- Cut back to sideview, just Asee alone and box on Ava's desk. --
» Asee glances around room, confused.
-- Cut to box on desk. --
» Asee picks it up.
-- Cut to low angle upward, Asee standing. --
» Asee examines box and looks off into distance.
-- Cut to side view of Asee in distance, still examing box. --
-- Zoom out to William, still scribbling. --
» Asee, in background, looks at floor around him, then panics.  Runs out the door.
Asee: Wait! Wait!
» Sound of door slam.
» William cringes slightly, looks confused for a bit, then stares at the pen.
-- Slow zoom on pen and fade to next scene. --

Scene 5: Writer (Pending) #

-- Fade to same pen, writing at dashboard next to window at night. --
-- Slowly zoom out revealing William writing in dark room with lamp. --
-- Cut behind William. --
» William finishes and marvels at papers laid out in front of him.
-- Cut to angle of William, satisfied with his work. --
-- Cut behind William. --
-- Slowly zoom out, including an open window in shot. --
» William turns out the lights and walks away, looking tired.
-- Fade to black. --
-- Unfade on open window. --
» Papers flying out.
-- Cut outside, low angle with papers in wet grass and puddle. --
-- Cut back to window. --
» Pen about to roll out as well.
» William's hand slams down on it.
-- Cut to William looking down at window sill, in shock. --
-- Fade to William writing at dashboard again. --
» William frustrated and can't remember what he wrote.
-- Fade behind William.  Slowly zoom out. --
» Most pages in front of him incomplete.
» William slams pen down and leaves.
-- Fade to black. --

Scene 6: Giving Away (Pending) #

-- Unfade on rooftops of school from hall view. --
-- Pan to show Gavin and Linda chatting in distance. --
-- Cut to close up of Gavin and Linda, chatting, happy. --
-- Cut to wall at ground level. --
» William's feet shuffles by.
-- Cut back to distant shot of Gavin and Linda at low angle. --
» William walks in from behind camera, clearly upset and dragging his feet.
-- Cut to side view of Gavin and Linda, still chatting. --
» William walks by without looking at them, sticking the pen in Gavin's backpack as he does.
-- Close up on pocket in Gavin's backpack and pen sliding in, still sticking out a bit. --
-- Cut to Gavin still talking on left and William on right, walking away further down hall without looking back. --
-- Slowly zoom out to include Linda talking to Gavin. --
» Gavin and Linda still chatting, unaware of anything.
-- Cut to Gavin and Linda, side view. --
» Gavin and Linda finish chatting and go opposite ways (Gavin toward gym).
-- Cut to side of Linda, walking away, thoughtful expression. --
-- Cut to front of Gavin as he walks toward camera, devious expression. Linda in background walking away. --
» Gavin glances slightly behind him at Linda before turning towards gym (opposite direction he glanced).

Scene 7: Rising Star (Pending) #

-- Cut inside gym at wall next to door.  Only light from doorway. --
» Gavin walks by, dropping his backpack at wall.
-- Cut to middle of gym, dark.  Gavin in middle but hidden in shadows. --
» Pause before lights come on, revealing Gavin standing in middle.
-- Close up pan of basketball hoop. --
-- Close up pan of Gavin's face. --
-- Cut to angle behind Gavin with hoop in distance. --
-- Cut to Gavin's hand whipping out a basketball. --
-- Cut to ground as Gavin bounces it. --
-- Cut to distance shot of Gavin dribbling up to basket. --
-- Cut to Gavin's feet running, shoe untied. --
-- Cut to Gavin's eyes, determined look. --
-- Cut to Gavin's hand dribbling ball. --
-- Cut to basket from Gavin's point of view, zooming in. --
-- Cut back to Gavin's eyes as he gets ready to jump. --
-- Cut to Gavin's hand gripping the ball, about to do lay-up. --
-- Cut to Gavin's feet about to jump, shoelace gets caught. --
-- Closeup side view of Gavin's determined expression as he rises up, sudden wide-eyed look as he falls forward. --
-- Farther out side view of Gavin rising up toward basket, only to slip and fall out of view, ball slipping out of his hand into the air. --
-- Cut to ground where Gavin lands face first. --
-- Cut to ball in the air, which actually makes into the basket. --
-- Distant shot of whole court, Gavin lying on ground under basket as ball hits him. --
-- Fade to black. --

Scene 8: Rising Dream (Pending) #

-- Cut to Gavin's front door. --
» Gavin opens it and walks in.
-- Cut to inside hall. --
» Gavin walks in and drops his backpack, yawning.
-- Closeup to backpack. --
» The pen falls out of the backpack and lands near his feet.
-- Cut to Gavin midway through yawn, looks down. --
» Gavin picks up the pen and examines it for a bit before pocketing.
-- Cut to calendar on wall. Slowly zoom out. --
» Gavin walks in from behind camera and looks at it.
-- Close up to calendar Feb.20. --
-- Cut to Gavin from calendar's position. --
» Gavin scratches his head, then looks around a bit and pulls out the pen.
-- Cut to calendar, side view as Gavin writes on it. --
-- Cut to calendar to show Feb. 20 'Big Game'. --
-- Cut to clock and pan to bed with Gavin sleeping. Fade to his dream. --

// Dream sequence
-- Cut to Gavin in gym looking upward at basket, getting ready. --
-- Cut to Gavin's hand as he bounces the ball. --
-- Cut to ball bouncing on ground. --
-- Pan across stands filled with people (rally footage). --
-- Cut to Gavin's feet starting to run, shoes tied. --
-- Cut to sideview of Gavin running, Asee trying to block him. --
» Asee dives, tackles and hits the ground; Gavin jumps over him about to do layup.
-- Cut to Asee on the ground, Gavin's stepping off his head. --
-- Cut to Gavin's face, overly determined. --
-- Cut to Gavin's hand as ball leaves his fingers. --
-- Cut to ball in the air. --
-- Cut to Gavin's feet landing on ground, away from Asee sprawled in the distance. --
-- Cut to ball making the basket. --
-- Cut and circle around Gavin as he stands a cheering crowd, camera lights flashing. --
// End of dream

-- Fade to closeup of Gavin standing in empty gym, holding ball, hopeful and in thought. --
-- Cut behind Gavin as he shoots the ball at basket in distance. --
-- Cut to ball going over the backboard. --
-- Cut to Gavin, hands still up from shooting, then just looks defeated and depressed. --
-- Cut to Nathan at doorway. --
» Nathan claps and laughs at him.
-- Cut back to Gavin, looks surprised and embarrassed, then angry. --
» Gavin pulls out the pen and throws it.
-- Cut side view of Nathan. --
» Nathan still laughing to himself when pen hits him in the head.
» Nathan falls through the doorway out of view.

Scene 9: Epic Fall (Pending) #

-- Cut to sideview, top of stairway in C-building. --
» Nathan flies in from side and down the stairs.
» Pen flies out the same time but not as far.
-- Camera shakes as he hits the ground.  Cut to black. --
-- Cut to Nathan's face as he screams, facing away from direction of his arm outstretched. --
-- Pan and zoom out to reveal he is sitting on a cot, his finger held up and being duck-taped by a doctor (person in white coat). We don't see the doctor's face. --
Doctor: There all done!
» Nathan stops screaming, blank-faced, and then looks at his finger.
Nathan: Oh, that's it? Awesome!
» Nathan hops off the cot and whistles as he walks off.
-- Cut behind Nathan as he walks away toward door. --
» Doctor raises a pen into view.
Doctor: By the way you dropped this.
» Nathan stops and turns around, smiling at first, then curious when he sees the pen.
-- Cut to sideview of Doctor's arm holding pen out to Nathan. --
» Nathan takes the pen, examines it, and then exits the room happily.
-- Cut outside building. --
» Nathan walks out from front door and into center view, takes a deep sigh and looks outward and around.
-- Pan across trees and view. --
-- Cut back to Nathan. --
» Nathan finishes surveying and takes out the pen.  He is trying to figure out where he's seen it before, then suddenly terrified look as he remembers.
-- Fade to flashback of him falling down the stairs and back to present Nathan. --
» Nathan looks extremely terrified now, backing up.
-- Cut to side, upward view toward sky.  Nathan not initially in view. --
» Nathan takes a few steps forward, then throws the pen into the sky.  Nathan watches it nervously; then looks down and takes a sigh of relief (wipes his forehead).

Scene 10: Pen From the Sky (Pending) #

-- Cut to Ava walking home from school along park. --
-- Closeup to Ava's head. --
» Pen hits her in the head.  She looks up at first and then at the ground.
-- Cut to ground level, pen close up on ground and Ava standing in distance looking at it. --
-- Cut back to Ava closeup. --
» Ava picks up the pen and examines, then continues walking.
-- Cut to angle shot behind her as she walks away, sky darkening. --
-- Cut to side from distance as she walks by houses., darker lighting. --
-- Cut to her house as she walks in front of it and then up the driveway, evening now. --
-- Cut to sideview of front door. --
» Ava walks up and about to reach for the doorknob when the door opens.
-- Cut to front door. --
» Simon in burglar mask, black bag over his shoulder; facing door and closing it.  He turns around toward camera and is surprised.
-- Cut back to side view, Ava on left (holding pen up) and Simon on right. Moment of awkwardness. --
-- Cut to angle behind Ava. --
» Simon tries to make a break for it.
-- Cut to front of Ava closeup as Simon moves past her, snatching her pen as well. --
» Ava snaps out of her shock and gets a very serious look.  She turns around toward Simon.
-- Cut to side view. --
» Ava spins around and grabs Simon by the collar. Simon flails at first, then stops, collecting himself.
» Simon drops the bag and swings backward, trying to stab Ava with the pen.
» Ava catches his fist and kicks him in the back of the leg, forcing him down on his knees.
-- Cut to open yard away. --
» Sound of Simon getting beat up.  Simon gets thrown into the air and lands in view.
-- Cut to Simon. --
» Simon gets up, facing away, dazed.  Then snaps out of it and quickly turns toward camera, pulling out a pocketknife threateningly.
» A sword swings in and hacks it away.
-- Cut to Ava. --
» Ava raises a sword and prepares to attack.
-- Cut back to Simon. --
» Simon is surprised, steps back scared.
-- Cut to open yard. --
» Ava chases Simon with a sword for a few seconds before Simon runs off screen.  Ava throws the pen after him.
-- Cut to sidewalk with Simon dashing away. --
» The pen hits Simon in the back and he falls into some bushes.
-- Cut back to Ava. --
» Ava shakes her fist menacingly before turning around slowly to see the yard.
-- Cut to yard covered in debris, front door hanging open. --
-- Cut back to Ava, disappointed. --

Scene 11: Outcast (Pending) #

» Simon keeps the pen and eventually loses it to Linda.

Scene 12: Hopes (Pending) #

» Linda holds onto the pen before losing it.
» Linda sitting on steps watching birds, envy them flying.
» Linda begins flying toward the sky, reality/fantasy blur, occasional flickers of animation/sketch.
» Linda accidentally drops the pen and it falls and lands on some random window sill, then rolls into the room and onto a desk.

Scene 13: Closing (Finished February 9 2009) #

-- Cut to surface of desk. --
» Pen rolls across and stops. Old Hand picks it up.
-- Cut to book on desk open to sketch of previous scene. --
» Old Hand puts the final touches to the sketch with the pen, then takes out a box and puts the pen in it.
-- Cut to drawer: "Dad's Stuff - Don't Touch!" --
» Old Hand puts the box in the drawer and closes it.
-- Cut to lamp. --
» Old Hand turns it off.
-- Cut to doorway, slowly zooming out. --
» Old Hand shuts the door, "Dad's Room".
-- Fade to black. --