Horror Film '07


Status: Finished
Production Date: June 11 2007 - October 31 2007
Length: 26 min.
Director(s): William Mok, Jonathan Lim
Camera Man/Men: William Mok, Gavin Wong, Jonathan Lim
Scriptwriter(s): William Mok, Jonathan Lim, Chad (Ntujtshiab) Ly, Asee Thao, Gavin Wong
Video Editor(s): William Mok
Genre: Horror/Comedy/Random


     MMC's first fully-serious film debut.  Movie is planned to be released Halloween 2007.

     Four teens spend one night drinking and biking along an empty road.  The next day, three of them are found dead and the last one is nearly insane, sputtering of ghosts and demons.  The cause of death of his three friends are never uncovered.
     One year later, a group of filmmakers from the Moviemakers Club attempt to recreate the event.  Among them is the survivor of the accident, still recovering from his physical illness.  As soon as filming begins, strange events occur, eventually leading into the mysterious deaths of various members.  A masked killer begins to stalk them and paranormal events blur the lines between their fears and reality.  Can they discover the truth before it's too late?

Characters (19)

Kao - Kao Vang.  One of the bikers who died.

Mailee - Mailee Vang.  One of the bikers who died.

Asee - Asee Thao.  Only survivor of the accident.  Hopelessly lost and somewhat retarded.

Leesang - Leesang Thao.  One of the dead among the accident.  The more ignorant/denying person of the group but first to die.

Jon - Jonathan Lim.  Overdramatic and freaks out alot.

InChoi - In Choi.  Tries to avoid the big picture and constantly complains.

Leo - Leo Callo.  Acts like a coach in always yelling.  Tries to calm others when he can't calm himself.  Leads when all is chaotic.  Denies danger constantly.

Will - William Mok.  Camera enthusiast.  Semi-serious.  Randomly films stuff.

Chad - Chad (Ntujtshiab) Ly.  Extreme in gossiping and very dramatic with over reactions.  Acts ghetto.

Gavin - Gavin Wong.  Always tries to be a hero but fails.  Constantly clueless but otherwise normal guy.

Edgar - Elisha Hulbert.  Always quiet and suspiciously unknown to the rest of the group.

Brian - Brian Wong.  Tries to fit in and bring sense to the situation.  Somehow always gets crippled or stabbed and sent to the hospital, only meet the same fate again before he even fully recovers.

Nou - Nou Thao.  One of last survivors, but still dies.

Lee - Lee Thao.  Also one of last survivors, but dies horribly.

AvgGuy - David Tam.  Just the average guy... nothing special.  Minor Role.

Leslie - Leslie Fung.  Minor Role.  Acts like a man.  Doesn't show up half the time.

Extra1 - Alice Lin.

Extra2 - Christie Lim.

Extra3 - Michael Lee.

Script (16)

Scene 1: The Accident (Finished June 4 2007) #

-- Scene is in black and white. --
-- It is a dark and stary night.  A full moon is seen in the background. --
-- Cut to teens biking around the school.  Fade back and forth on their actions.  There's no room for a fourth so Asee is happily dragged by a chain on the bike.  All teens are on the bike except Asee. --
» Bike slows down considerably when fading stops.
Kao: (drunkenly) Man, I'm so wasted... that green tea was insane...
Leesang: (also drunk) Totally.
-- Cut to Asee glancing around, foot chained. --
Asee:  Guys, I'm scared.  It's really dark out here.
-- Cut to Leesang looking down on Asee. --
Leesang: Don't be such a chicken.  Nothing's gonna happen.
-- Cut to side, not showing Asee.  Notably there's no dragging noise, just the chain. --
-- ghostly, ominous music.  Cut to back of bike in distance (bad focus to not reveal missing Asee). --
Teen 2: Okay what was that?
Leesang:  Nothing, you're just imagining things.
-- ghostly music again.  Sound of chain being dragged somewhere.  Cut to front. --
Teen 2:  Look there it was again.
Leesang:  Shut up, man.  You're scaring everyone.
Kao: (points, yells)  What's that!?
Teen 2: Ahh I knew it!  It's a ghost!
-- Cut to side, showing tree on their right. --
» They swerve sharply away from camera and crash.
-- Cut to black. --
-- Unfade near tree, look upwards towards them. --
» They get up and dust themselves off.
Leesang:  I think we're okay.
» A shadow appears behind Kao.
-- ghostly music again. --
Leesang: What the fu-
» Leesang falls forward before cut.
-- Cut to close-up of Kao screaming. --
-- Cut to Kao running around the tree. --
Kao: I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die!
-- Cut to other side of tree, with Kao facing away. --
» Kao starts walking towards camera, facing away and suddenly sees the camera in shock.
-- Zoom out to show tree in distance.  2 figures on the ground.  2 standing. --
» The mysterious figure approaches Teen 2.  Teen 2 collapses.
-- Cut to tree base. --
» Teen 2's head falls into view, clearly dead with eyes open and face in shock.
-- Fade to black --

Scene 2: Survivor (Finished October 19 2007) #

-- Unfade and zoom out from same location on the tree that one of the teens died.  A group is surrounding it.  Members without dialogue should try and join in with their own comments. --
Asee: I seriously don't think this is a good idea.  People died here you know...
Chad: Guys, I present you all with perhaps the school's first holy ground.  This tree... this very tree was where a group of bikers died mysteriously one night...  How they died was so gruesome, that even to this day, nobody knows the full details...
Extra: Why? How did they die?
Chad: Oh my god! Did you not pay attention to anything I said? I just said nobody knows how they died.
Asee: It was a ghost, man.. I saw it with my own eyes.  It had no face, and looked like that Scream guy from the movies.
Leo: How could it be a ghost? There's no such thing.
Asee: I was there - I was the only survivor.  Are you doubting me?
Leo: You were drunk remember?
Extra: I don't get it.  I thought they just crashed into the tree.
Chad: One of the kids had tons of gashes across her face.  How can you get that from crashing into a tree?! Also, another kid kept mumbling about ghosts when they found him and-
Asee: Ehem! That was me.  I said that and I STILL say it was a ghost.
Leo: Asee, I'm surprised they didn't suspect YOU since you're the only survivor.  Besides, why would there be a ghost at Kennedy?
InChoi: Maybe it was the ghost OF Kennedy!
» There's a moment's pause.
Chad: Edgar, I never hear from you.  What do you think?
» Edgar is in deep thought and interrupted.
Edgar: About what?
» Moment of silence.
-- Cut to Will. --
Will: Guys, you know what we should do? WE SHOULD MAKE A MOVIE OUT OF THIS!

Scene 3: Filming (Finished September 14 2007) #

-- Next day... --
-- Fades through many scenes of filming as if time is flying. --
-- Ends fade at bike scene.  Random crew members such as Alice are walking in the background.  Gavin stands watching.  Edgar is shuffling his feet.  AvgGuy is very confused. --
Will: Okay guys, we have two new members: Edgar and AvgGuy. But they are just gonna be watching, so act you're best!
Gavin: Hey what's up?
Leslie: Hello Edgar! What's your name?
» Edgar just stares back.
Leslie: Fine be that way.  Hello AvgGuy what's your name?
AvgGuy: Uh... AvgGuy?
Will: Okay, everyone quiet! Get ready to start!
-- Cut to scene. --
» Chad stands near the bike.  Jon is the driver.  Asee stands on the other side.
Chad: OH MY GOD! I can't believe we're filming on holy ground! Don't you know how disrespectful that is?
-- Cut to InChoi in chains on the ground, complaining irritably. --
InChoi: Wasn't the fourth person a girl? Man... Why am I playing a girl's part?
-- Swing camera to sidelines to show Will, Leslie, and the rest of the group watching. --
Will: Well in case you didn't notice, there are no girls here to play the part!
» Leslie slaps him.
Will: Ow!
-- Cut to group acting. --
InChoi: These chains are so uncomfortable...
» He tries to loosen them but accidentally kicks the curb of the sidewalk.  There is a gruesome crunch and his foot appears deformed from the impact (wear loosened shoes).
InChoi: Ahhh! Sh-
-- Cut to Will, using a toy cam.  Gavin is standing right in front. --
Gavin: Hey what do I do?
Will: Nothing you don't have a part yet.
Gavin: Aww man, why'd I even come?
Will: Okay ready? Set... Gavin get out of the picture! Go!

» Chad and Asee hold the handles of the bike to drags it very slowly.  Jon screams and freaks out like he's going to die.  Then they slowly put the bike down as if doing a slow motion.
Jon: Aiyaaaa... AHHHH!
» As soon as the bike is on its side, Jon collapses onto the cement and lies unconscious.
» Chad and Asee then presume to appear shocked and dying (the wrong way tho - like as if from heart attack).

Will: Cut! Why would you choke when you a see a ghost?!
Asee: Hey wait... I'm confused.  What do I say after I fall?
Will: Nothing! You're dead!

Scene 4: Haunted Theater (Finished September 18 2007) #

-- Next day... they meet again to watch the edited video. --
-- Cut to sky.  It is a full moon. --
-- Fade to theater.  Zoom out from the projected movie to show the crew watching it. --
-- Cut to face crew. --
» Chad is very nervous.
Chad: Dude... I totally don't think we should be doing this... we're trespassing on holyground... What if Asee's ancestors get pissed?
Asee: Ancestors?! You mean my friends...
AvgGuy: Wait, so this was a true story?
Brian: Nah, I never heard of it.
Chad: (pissed) What?!  Don't you know? Three teens DIED in this accident...
» Chad gets started with his stories again.  Extras appear interested and chip into the conversation.  Leo turns away in disgust.
-- Cut to another part of the group. --
Will: So, Edgar, what character do you think you want to be?
» Edgar just stares back.
Will: Um... okay...
-- Cut to projection. --
-- Cut to close up on Chad's eyes watching the projection. --
-- Fade to projection and then cut to Chad's mouthing the words he speaks. --
-- Cut to group.  Everyone is confused or squinting at the screen. --
Will: See what?
AvgGuy: What am I looking for?
Chad: You guys don't see that?!
Gavin: (laughs) Aha, no not really...
Asee: I think I see it... What does it look like?
Chad: Dude Asee, you're blind! Get some contacts on buddy. Edgar! Tell me you see it!
» Edgar shrugs and walks off.
Edgar: (speaks halfheartedly) I'm going to get a snack... I'll be back later.
-- Cut to doorway. --
» Edgar walks out.  Brian tries to follow.
Brian: Oh hey, I'll come too.  You think you can buy me-
» Edgar shuts the door in his face.
Brian: Ah fine, be like that... man...
-- Cut to Chad. --
Chad: Look... it's there again... Oh my god... Jesus Christ... Great Buddha... dude! They're after us! They don't want us to make this film!
-- Cut to group. --
» Leo slaps himself in the face, disappointed in his group.
Asee: See! I told you guys! The ghost is back now!
AvgGuy: What are you talking about? I don't see anything...
Chad: Look... in the background... it's like that girl from... THE RING!
-- Cut to projection showing Alice in background. --
-- Cut back. --
Alice: That's ME you dumbass...
Chad: Are you sure? I think you're wrong.  You're hair's not black is it?
Gavin: (pulls off some of his hair to check) Um.. I'm pretty sure it is...
Chad: Not you!
-- Cut to Leo. --
Leo: Guys... guys! Calm down... Seriously how old are you guys? The Ring is just a movie.  There's NO SUCH THING as ghosts.
-- Black out at his last words. --
Chad: OH... MY... GOD!
» Everyone starts screaming.  Chad starts overdramatizing the situation and Jon is screaming most terrifyingly.
Gavin: Guys! Everyone! Nobody move! I'll go find the lights!
» Gavin trips in the dark and lands on the floor.

Scene 5: Signs (Started September 18 2007) #

-- It is pitchblack. --
» People are screaming and something is running against the walls.
Leo: Okay REMAIN CALM! Guys! You all are making this worse than it really is! Someone turn on the lights please!
-- Cut to Will. --
» Will holds up a camera, light shining in his face.
Will: Haha nightshot!
» A pale white face of Kao, Mailee, or Leesang appears behind him, lit by the screen light.  Will glances behind him, directly shining light at the ghost who vanishes.  It blacks out again.
-- Cut to Jon. --
» Jon takes out a match and chuckles mischieviously.  Something blows out the match and it blacks out.
Jon: Dammit!
-- Cut to darkness. --
» Everyone is still screaming.  Jon is screaming like he's dying.
Leo: Guys! Calm down! It's a just a white out!
Random: BLACK out!
-- Lights flicker on again. Cut to Leo in same spot still. --
Leo: Is everyone, okay?
-- Pan around the room to show everyone in the most awkward positions. --
» Some are upside down in the seats.  Some are on the floor as if tripped.  Others are stumbling around dizzily.
» Will randomly walks through filming everything.
» InChoi is on back, continuously trying to spring back to his feet but failing.
» Chad is tangled in some curtains.
Chad: This is not cool man!
» Alice stands amiss the chaos, as if unaffected.
Alice: What are you guys doing?
» Jon is sprawled on the stage steps, in pain.
-- Cut to Leo. --
» Everyone regroups around him.
Leo: Okay headcount.  Who's not here?
» There is a moment of silence as everyone stares at him.
Leo: Where's AvgGuy?
Jon: Gavin and Asee are missing too.
Will: The lights are backstage - someone must have turned them back on.  Let's check.
-- Cut to stage. --
» The group heads backstage to check, calling out Gavin, AvgGuy, and Asee as they do.
Will: Shh! I hear something...
» The closed curtains behind the stage appear to be quivering.  Will throws open the curtain and AvgGuy falls out.  AvgGuy appears unconscious but eyes wide open and pale.
» InChoi screams.  Chad quickly turns away.  Jon screams 'Aiya!'
Chad: Holy cow! No- Holy chicken man! What do we do?!
Leo: Relax! He's probably just unconscious! Someone check his pulse...
» InChoi goes over and starts poking him.  Leo slaps him out of the way.
-- Cut to side. --
» InChoi stumbles around, then smashes into several boxes and collapses.
-- Cut back. --
» Leo shakes his head and checks AvgGuy's pulse; he turns a bit cold.
Leo: Okay, he's dead.
Chad: See what'd I tell you!
» Jon screams for about 10 seconds.
-- Cut to door, which suddenly shuts. --
-- Cut back to backstage. --
Extra: What was that?
Jon: That was me.
Extra: No, someone just came in.
Jon: Hello! Is anyone there?!
Alice: Shut up! Are you retarded or something?
» The group sneaks over and peeks out from backstage.
-- Cut to door. --
» Standing in front of it is a cloaked, masked figure (Asee), carrying an Old Book in one hand and a knife in the other.  It marches blindly.
-- Cut back to group. --
» Group is startled and retreats back behind stage, before peeking out again.
-- Cut to killer. --
» Killer is looking side to side as if searching.
-- Cut back. --
InChoi: How does he not see us? Is he blind?
Extra: Maybe he's friendly?
Jon: Hello! Are you friendly?
-- Cut to Killer. --
» Killer immediately looks straight at the group and throws his knife.
-- Cut back. --
» A knife shoots across the screen.
-- Cut towards backstage with Brian in the open. --
» Brian gets stabbed in chest and stumbles backwards, before falling.
-- Zoom out to fit whole group. --
Chad: Oh my god, this is just like in the movies! Quick everyone behind the curtain!
» The group scrambles behind the tiny curtain.
-- Cut to behind curtain. --
» Footsteps approach and then stop.
Jon: Hello? Who's there?
» The group shushes him.
-- Cut towards curtain. --
Will: I think he's gone.
Leo: Of course he is... See guys nothing to be afraid-
» Leo calmly slides the curtains over. Curtain slides open to reveal Edgar.
-- Cut to closeup on Edgar. --
Edgar: I found the lights.
-- Cut to group's reaction. --
-- Cut back. --
» A shadow appears behind Edgar.
-- Cut back. --
Extra: Look out behind you!
» Jon screams.
-- Cut back. --
» Edgar slowly turns.  Shadow emerges to be Asee.
Asee: Hey you guys found the lights?
-- Cut back. --
» Group relaxes from shocked expressions.

Scene 6: Aftermath (Finished September 27 2007) #

-- Unfade and zoom out in theater. --
Jon: What's going on? I just checked.  Everything else in the school is fine... only the theater blacked out.
Asee: It couldn't have been just a coincidence.  Hey where's Gavin?
InChoi: Weren't you paying attention?  He went to go find the lights!
» Everyone stares at him for a moment.
Will: That was like 2 hours ago...
Jon: Well, you know, Gavin's not exactly the sharpest light bulb in the shed...
Chad:  Hah you guys hear about the time he tried hitting on that girl, and it turned out to be his cousin?  Or was that someone else-
Asee: (hurriedly, interrupting)  Hey Chad y'know that's a good story but right now what do we do about David?
-- Momentary cut to David sprawled across several seats. --
Will: How'd he get over there?
Jon: Shouldn't he see a doctor or something?
Chad: No way man! Don't you know? Doctors are like the most corrupt thing around! They say when that 9 out of 5 patients who go to a doctor don't make it out... ALIVE!
Jon: Okay how do you get 9 out of 5 patients?
Chad: Exactly!
-- Cut to Leo stepping out to address the group. --
Leo: Guys focus already! Listen up: we were the only ones in the theater and the school is empty.  I hate to say it, but that means it must be one of us.
-- Cut back to group. --
Will: It's gotta be Edgar... that guy creeps me out and he never blinks.  Plus he keeps disappearing - where is he anyways?
Jon: I think he went home.
Asee: What about Gavin? He's STILL not back yet...
-- Cut to Chad. --
Chad: OH SNAP! I know who it is!
» Chad looks at Jon.
» Jon starts screaming.
-- Cut to group, zoomed out to include David. --
» Jon keeps screaming until Chad's cellphone rings.
Chad: Oh man! I have to go! Guys I'll post it on my MySpace!
» Chad runs off.
Leo: We should get going, too.  The killer could come back anytime. 
InChoi: What do we do with David though?
Will: Just hide him behind the curtains...we lose stuff all the time.

Scene 7: Full Moon (Finished September 27 2007) #

-- Cut to outside.  It is dark. --
» InChoi, Asee, and Extra are waiting for parents to pick them up.  Gavin is behind a tree.
InChoi: So, Asee - Who do you think is the killer?
» Asee is staring up at the sky.
InChoi: Asee? What are you staring at?
» InChoi looks up too.
Asee: Full moon.  I've never seen it so red before.
» Extra joins in too.
Extra: Wow, me neither...
-- Cut to show all three in a trance. --
-- Cut to moon. --
» There is a sudden choking sound from Extra.
-- Cut back. --
» Only InChoi and Asee are standing.  Asee suddenly glances around.
Asee: InChoi! Where'd Extra go?
InChoi: Huh? What the- How'd he disappear so-
-- Cut to Extra sprawled with disembodied hands, arms, and legs in front of him on the street. --
» InChoi gasps and starts to scream like a girl.
Asee: Shh! Quiet!
» There is a ruffling in the tree.
Asee: Who's there?
» Gavin suddenly emerges.
Gavin: Hey guys! I couldn't find the lights! I searched all over but...
InChoi: You! I knew it!
Gavin: Huh? Yup! It's me! Gavin! What's up!
-- Cut to side view from sidewalk. --
» Asee pulls InChoi away.
Asee: He's playing dumb... let's go! Run!
» The two run off.
-- Cut back to Gavin. --
» Gavin raises a bloody disfigured hand.
Gavin: Oh um, I cut hand on some branches here... anyone have a...
-- Zoom out to show emptiness. --
Gavin: Bastards...
» Gavin looks extremely evil/angry.
-- Cut to far end of sidewalk. --
» InChoi is running alone.
InChoi: Asee wait up! Where'd you go?!
-- Cut to InChoi. --
» InChoi stops and searches for a moment.  Then he turns around and screams.

Scene 8: Ramen Noodles (Finished September 17 2007) #

-- Fade on Chad in the distance typing away. --
» Someone (Asee) drops a backpack and pulls out an old book.
-- Cut to closeup of Chad typing away to computer. --
Chad: Oh my god! It's so obvious! I can't believe no one figured it out!
» Chad types for a moment.  Then he pauses, shocked.
» Cloaked figure (Asee) rises behind him.
Chad: Password incorrect?! But I've used the same password on my MySpace for years! I'm calling my lawyer!
» Chad is just about to leave his chair when the cloaked figure takes out a cellphone and presses a button.  There's suddenly a 'You-Got-Mail' sound.  Chad turns straight back to the screen.
Chad: Huh? But I don't use AOL!
» Cloaked figure raises his knife.  Suddenly something goes 'Ding!'
Chad: Aha! Ramen noodles!
» Chad stands up and headbutts Asee, who falls to the ground behind.  Chad does not appear to feel anything and goes off into the kitchen.
-- Cut to angle near Asee, with Chad walking away. --
» Asee slowly gets up, brandishing his knife.
-- Cut to Chad. --
» Chad suddenly spins around.
Chad: Ha! You think I'm that stupid! No way!
» Chad pulls out a rope and throws it towards the camera.
-- Cut to Asee. --
» The rope wraps around Asee's neck and yanks him down; he drops his knife.  The rope loosens and is brought up, before coming back down to whip him.
-- Cut to Chad. --
» Chad is whipping the rope as hard as he can at Asee.
Chad: You think you can come into MY house and take MY blood - you got something coming to you man!
-- Cut back to Asee. --
» Asee crawls toward book near wall and makes a grab for it.  A foot appears (Chad) and kicks it away.
-- Pan up. --
» Chad is holding a cup of Ramen Noodles and eating.
Chad: You're about to get your ass beat and you want to read a book - I don't believe you man...
-- Cut to Asee. --
» Asee stops struggling for a moment as if in thought, then swings a knife into Chad's leg.
-- Pan up. --
» Chad bends over in pain.
-- Cut to book. --
» Asee rolls over to the book, grabs it, and gets in a crouched kneeled position, before vanishing into thin air.

Scene 9: Ghost (Finished October 20 2007) #

-- Cut to tree. --
» Jon runs around the tree screaming.  Asee walks around choking himself.  Nou and Lee are watching from the side.
» Nou trips Asee in the background.
-- Mailee or Kao plays as the ghost.  Cut away from tree to Ghost (Non-G.S.) --
Ghost: Wooooooo.....
» Jon stops right in front of her and acts like he's about to die, falling to his knees and crying out to the sky.
Jon: Noooooooooo!


-- Cut to Gavin napping against a tree. --
Gavin: Huh? Oh no!

-- Cut back to scene. --
» Gavin randomly runs in.
Gavin: Everyone stand back! I got this!
» He starts breakdancing but doing nothing to harm Ghost.  Asee randomly stands up next to him and starts nodding and clapping retardedly.  One of the kicks get Asee squarely in the face.

-- Cut to closeup on Ghost. (Non-G.S.) --
» All his punches and kicks miss completely.  Ghost stares blankly.

-- Cut all the way out. --
Will: CUT! What are you guys doing?!  There was no break dancing! They all DIED! And Lee! Don't just stand there!
» Lee walks in behind Will.
Lee: What are you talking about? I'm right here.
Will: Huh? Leslie?

-- Cut to Leslie in far corner eating. --
Leslie: What!
-- Cut back. --
Will: Nou?

-- Cut to Nou. --
» Nou and Lee shrug.
-- Cut back. --
Will: Huh? Who's that then?

-- Cut to close up of Ghost. Non-G.S. --
» Ghost flickers and raises hands menacingly.
-- Cut to Will's view. --
» No one is visible on the camera screen.
Will: That's weird... she's not showing up on camera!
Lee: Maybe your camera's just broken.

-- Cut to group near ghost.  Face group, not Ghost. --
» Gavin, Jon, and Asee are watching the ghost.  Asee is farthest and acts clueless.  Jon is scared, but suddenly notices Asee and is annoyed.  Jon grabs Asee and drags him right in front of the Ghost.  Asee backs up, very scared.
Asee: Th-that's Kao/Mailee!  But she's supposed to be dead!
» Gavin thinks hard with his chin on his fist.  Jon is very scared but then grows annoyed as Gavin speaks.
Gavin: Hmm, but if she's dead, then she shouldn't be standing should she? ... Unless she's a ghost... Ohhhh Aha! I get it now!

-- Cut to Leo against a tree behind the scene. --
» Leo shakes his head disappointingly.
Leo: (sigh) You guys need to calm down seriously.  There's NO SUCH THING as ghosts!
-- Cut to Ghost. --
» Leo walks in and offers his hand to Ghost.
Leo: Sorry miss, my friends are just a bit weird.  They aren't as dumb as they look, but they're not that smart either...

-- Close up (slow zoom) on Ghost's face, blank. Non-G.S. --
-- Cut to Gavin, Jon, and Asee.  Slowly zoom on Asee. --
» Gavin is still thinking.  Jon is annoyed at him and waving his hands furiously.  Asee is cowering behind Jon, staring hopelessly at the Ghost (camera).

-- Cut back to Ghost's eyes, angry. --
-- Cut back to side view of Leo and Ghost (G.S.) --
Leo: Yea, and that's pretty much my life story right there...
» Ghost glides right through him.  Leo freezes in place, eyes wide, glances backwards towards the Ghost, and faints.

-- Cut to Gavin, Jon, and Asee on side vs Ghost on other side. --
» They all begin to panic.  Jon starts screaming in agony.  Gavin is confused.  Asee is first to take off.  Ghost chases after him. (G.S.)
-- Cut to Asee at backpacks. --
» Asee is looking for something but can't find it.
» Ghost appears before him above the backpacks.  He takes off again.
» Gavin dives in very late to help.  He upturns all the backpacks and an Old Book falls out.  He picks it up and begins browsing curiously.
-- Cut to Jon. --
» Jon is still screaming.  Leslie walks in and shakes him.
Leslie: God! Don't you ever shut up? Get a hold of yourself woman!
Jon: But there's a ghost right there! Look!
» Jon twists Leslie's head away from him towards the Ghost, but he twists too hard and Leslie's neck breaks.  Leslie falls.
» Jon leaps back and is shocked at what he's done.  Tries to sneak away.

-- Cut to open area with Ghost. (Non-G.S.) --
» Asee runs towards camera with Ghost in pursuit.
-- Turn camera around to show Gavin walking towards the camera and stopping.  Asee is running side to side, Ghost is close on his heels. --
Asee: Do something guys!
» Asee suddenly realizes he's not being chased and stops 2 feet from Gavin.  Ghost appears out of nowhere and begins to strangle Asee.  Gavin is still browsing calmly through the book.
-- Cut to Gavin alone. --
Gavin: Aha!
» He pulls out a yellow sticky note and does a flip toward the camera.
-- Zoom out. --
» Gavin lands in front of the Ghost, two feet from where he originally stood.  He sticks the note on Ghost's forehead and she freezes, Asee in mid-strangle.
-- Cut to Asee and Ghost. --
» Asee is suffocating in Ghost's frozen grip.  Asee reaches toward camera with free hand.
Asee: (Choking) Give... me... the book.
» Gavin sticks the Book in front of camera.  Asee grabs it and fumbles through some pages, appearingly unaware of what to look for.
-- Cut to side showing only Asee and Ghost.  Ghost only has outstretched hands choking Asee. --
» The first thing that falls out of the book is a toothpick.  Asee whistles with the toothpick and the Ghost vanishes.  Asee falls choking.
-- Pan around grass in very scary tone. --
-- Cut to group stranded among it. --
» Group members are scared and constantly glance about.  Asee is raving mad.
Asee: I was right! I was right! It was ghosts! Nobody believed me!
» Suddenly two more Ghosts appear at their sides.  The first one appears again behind Asee.
Someone: More ghosts! Run!
» All scatter towards the camera.  Ghosts remain staring blankly, wailing and moaning.  Alice suddenly walks in.
Alice: What's going on?
-- Focus on ghosts. --
Leesang: Oh no! It's the girl from the Ring!
Other Ghost: Run!
» Ghosts scatter towards the camera.

Scene 10: Chase (Finished October 20 2007) #

-- Cut to group running up to V-Wing. --
» Ghosts are following hastily.
-- Cut to group alone stopping in front of gate. --
Asee: We should split people! It'll be harder for them to catch us!
» Asee alone runs off, followed by Jon.  Gavin comforts the rest of the group.
Gavin: Don't worry, I got this ghost thing handled...
» He taps the book in his hand.

-- Cut to Asee and Jon. --
» The two run aimlessly while being chased by both ghosts.
Jon: Screw this, I'm going back!
» Jon runs back to where he came, towards the group.  Asee continues running off, randomly laughing retardedly but screaming in terror at the same time.
-- Cut to Gavin and the others.  Gavin stands guard in front. --
» Jon runs behind Gavin, followed by Asee.
Gavin: Ok I got this.  Hey ghosts! Over here!

-- Cut to ghosts. --
» Ghosts are facing towards where Asee went, but they stop to turn around, confusedly.

-- Cut back. --
» Gavin hesitates.
Lee: Use the book!
» Gavin throws the book at the ghosts.
Lee: What'd you do that for?
Gavin: I-I don't know! I panicked!

-- Cut to Ghosts again. --
» Book lands at the Ghosts' feet.  Ghosts look down.  Gavin charges in.  The ghosts look up just in time, dodge, and throw Gavin as he runs past.

-- Cut to ground up angle. --
» Gavin flies over the screen.  Sound of him hitting a tree.
-- Cut back to ghosts. --
» The ghosts are acting confused when a whistle sounds and they scream and vanish.  The killer stops in where the ghosts used to be and stares directly at the camera, gazing side to side.

-- Cut to group. --
» The group is very scared but holding still.
Leo: Just stare right back guys... remain calm.  This always works on them tv shows...

-- Cut back to Killer. --
» Killer is still searching and takes a few uncautious steps, but then steps back.

-- Cut back to group. --
Leo: Haha! Yeah! Look at that! What'd I tell you!

-- Cut to Killer. --
» Killer suddenly stares directly at the camera and waves his arm.

-- Cut to group. --
» Leo suddenly flies toward the camera and lands on the ground.
» Everyone glances at Leo, but an Extra is also thrown back into the wall and remains choking there.
Jon: Ahhh! Run!
» The group runs off camera.  Leo crawls off to follow.

-- Cut to building wall. --
Extra: This way guys!
» Extra leads group across view.

-- Cut to facing Extra in front of group. --
» Extra is confidently jogging along when a knife comes from behind camera and pins his neck to the wall.  Group screams in the background.
-- Cut back to wall view. --
» Group is screaming.  Group heads in the other direction (Extra pinned against wall with bloody neck), but stops when Killer appears out of thin air.  Killer stabs an Extra who collapses to the floor.  Group runs in the other direction and Killer vanishes again.

-- Cut behind group. --
» Group runs into view from side, with Extra leading the way (who trails off way ahead).  Killer appears out of nowhere and kicks him to the ground, stabs him, and glares at the group.  He begins to float above the ground.
-- Cut to Nou. --
» Nou picks up a rock and throws it.
-- Cut to Killer from low angle. --
» Killer is hit by rock in the face and falls.  Group tramples over him and runs by.  The rest of the Extras are in the back of the group and are killed as they cross over the Killer.

Scene 11: The Moment of Truth (Finished October 16 2007 - October 23 2007) #

-- Cut to backstage.  Brian is lying on the floor, a bloody stain on his chest. --
Brian: I don't believe it... They left me here to die...
» Brian slowly gets up.
Brian: I'm not bleeding that bad, maybe I can still make it...
» A shadow appears behind him and slashes him with a knife.  Brian falls unconscious.  The shadow takes out a large bag and swings it down as if to bag the body.
-- Cut to outside the theater. --
» Group rushes to the door but it's locked.  They knock continuously.  Suddenly Edgar's face appears in the window.
Will: Let us in! There's someone out there trying to kill us!
» Edgar's face disappears into the room.
-- Cut to door of Little Theater. --
» Group quickly enters and Edgar locks the door.

-- Cut to door at other end. --
» Door suddenly swings open.  Asee is dragging a bagged body across the room from the other doorway.  When he lowers it, Extra's head shows through the opening.

-- Cut back to group. --
Will: Asee! So it was you all this time!

-- Cut to Asee. --
» Asee drops the bag in surprise.
Asee: What? Where'd you guys - took you long enough.  I found Extra this way.  Duh!

-- Cut back to group. --
» Group is uncertain.
Jon: Why should we believe you?

-- Cut to side to fit both Asee (marching in) and the group. --
Asee: It's Gavin man! I saw the killer take off his mask.  It was him!
Leo: Guys - let's settle this peacefully.  Asee, how can it possibly be Gavin? It is obviously you.
Asee: Then where is Gavin? And why did the killer appear right after he left?

-- Cut to other doorway. --
» Doorway slams open.  Gavin and Chad step in.  InChoi follows.
Gavin: Asee - you liar! You even tried to kill Chad!
Chad: Tried to - and remember that! You got your ass beat that day! Take a cheap stab at my leg you did!
InChoi: Ya! Asee you sissy! Sisssssssy!
Chad: (Slaps In) Quiet fool, this is man's talk.
» Chad limps inward.  Gavin strides past to his dismay.  InChoi has no where to go as he tries to pass Chad.
-- Cut to side view, with Chad and Gavin entering.  InChoi scrambles over to Jon and the others, accidentally kicking Chad's cast in the process. --
Asee: I don't know what you're talking about!

-- Cut to shelf. --
» Asee backs up and bumps into the shelf.  The old book falls out.  The costume and mask are also on the shelf.
» Gavin snatches it.
Gavin: Aha! So here's where the killer hid his stuff...
-- Focus on old book, which has a sticker. --
» The sticker says "Hi, my name is _Edgar_!".
Chad: Oh my god! I have a book just like that!
-- Cut back. --
» Asee and Gavin turn to Chad.
Chad: Come on man, I'm not the killer though!
» Asee and Gavin slowly turn towards Edgar.
-- Cut back to fullview of side. --
Gavin: So it was you then Edgar!
» Everyone stares at Edgar.

-- Cut to Edgar. --
» Edgar stares at the camera for a bit.  Then glances side to side.
Edgar: What?
-- Cut to close up between Edgar and Gavin. --
Gavin: Where were you on all this day? Why do you just happen to be in the theater before everyone else?
Edgar: ... I was here afterschool to help a teacher.
» Gavin shoves the yearbook in Edgar's face.
Gavin: Why is YOUR name on THIS book?
» Edgar stares at the book for a moment.
-- Cut to book. --
» Edgar tears off the sticker, revealing another that says "Gavin Wong."
-- Cut to Chad. --
» Chad gasps.
Chad: Oh my God! Gavin! I thought I knew you man! Why?! Why?!
-- Cut to Gavin and Asee. --
Asee: (laughs) What did I tell you! It was Gavin all this time!
Gavin: No ... no this can't be right.
-- Cut to book. --
» Gavin rips off the sticker, revealing another that said "Asee Thao".
-- Cut back. --
Gavin: Aha! So it was you!
Asee: No... watch!
» Asee rips off the next sticker, revealing "Gavin Wong" again.
Asee: It's Gavin!
» Gavin rips off the sticker, revealing "Bob".
» Asee and Gavin stare at it for a moment.
Gavin: Who the hell is that?
» Asee rips off the sticker.
Asee: Gavin!
» Gavin rips off another sticker but it still says "Gavin".
Gavin: Ah crap...
-- Cut from angle as Gavin makes for a comeback. --
Gavin: (Circling Asee) Oh yeah - well how do you explain both you and the killer being near blind?
Group: Yeah!
Asee: (Towards the Spot Gavin Used to Be) I can't be the killer.  Alot of people are blind!
» Gavin stops, as if giving up arguing.
Gavin: Then you won't mind if I do THIS?
» He pulls out the book and holds a match to it.
-- Cut to book. --
» The book slowly catches fire.
-- Cut to Asee. --
» Asee's eyes begin to wander nervously.  Sweat starts pouring from his forehead.
-- Cut to Gavin and Asee. --
» Asee grabs the book directly where the fire is and yanks it from Gavin, running out the theater door in the back.
-- Cut to outside. --
» Asee is running down the sidewalk into the distance, book held tightly.  As he gets farther, his body catches into flames and he screams, but continues to run.

Scene 12: Trial and Error (Finished October 16 2007 - October 23 2007) #

-- Cut to group watching Asee run off. --
Gavin: We need to get a lot better if we're gonna stand a chance against Asee.  This should come in handy.
» Gavin holds up The Book.
» Lee/Nou: Wait, I thought Asee just ran off with that.
Gavin: Naw, that was just my yearbook.  You know how blind he is.  Now c'mon guys, we have a lot of work to do.
Leo: But we don't have the manpower to beat Asee.
» Nou/Lee: I have an idea.
» She pulls out cell phone, dials
» A few extras enter from each door.
Leo: Um...I don't think that's enough people...
-- Cut to nearby body bag. --
» Brian weakly climbs out, covered in blood.
Brian: I'm still here guys!
-- Cut back to group focus on Jon. --
» Group is staring toward stage.
Jon: Who said that?
-- Cut to Gavin. --
Gavin: How bout this then?
» Gavin walks off screen.
-- Cut to Gavin isolated. --
» He uses a spell to make clones of himself.
-- Cut to group. --
Leo: Ok that might work.
-- Cut back to Gavin(s). --
Gavins: Let's do this!
-- Fades to group in between training, like a slideshow --
» Group splits and runs off in different directions.

// Running on Fire //

» A few people should be watching to give the scene some credibility.
Gavin: (with book) Okay, let's see what this thing can do...
» He casts super speed spell, runs fastforward in the theater.  He goes so fast, the floor catches fire, but he burns himself and dies.
» Another Gavin walks forward.
Gavin: Oh man, that's not good.  I gotta be more careful.

// Arm Stretch //

-- Cut to Leo on one side of the stage. --
» Leo uses arm lengthening spell to shoot arms forward.
Leo: Whoo!
» His arms limp to the ground
Leo: C'mon now... [or (to Nou and Lee) "This has never happened to me before!"]

// Lightning //

-- Cut to Will. --
» Will uses a lightning spell towards the camera.
-- Cut to side with Extra and Will on opposite ends. --
» Extra is electrocuted and thrown off the screen.
Will: Uh oh.
-- Cut to body bag being thrown. --

// Man of Steel //

» Someone uses a spell to make themself hard as stone/steel.  A candle is lit to enable it.
» Members take turns hitting with objects hammers, baseball bats, etc.
» Candle dies.
» They continue hitting even after the person becomes normal and the person dies.

// Telekinesis //

» Someone levitates a chair.
-- Cut to angle showing only chair leg raising up, with person in background controlling it. --
-- Cut to side showing greenscreened chair and person on other side. --
» Person forces chair to fly off screen.
-- Cut to random Gavin just watching. --
» Chair hits him and he dies.
-- Cut to body bag being thrown. --
-- Cut to Jon. --
Jon: Gavin! We're running out of clones!
-- Cut to another Gavin. --
Gavin: Dammit! Quit killing all of my clones!
» Gavin starts cloning himself again.  Three of them are killed right after they are created.

// Screaming //

-- Cut to angle facing Jon. --
Jon: Okay, let's see now..
» Jon gets ready to scream.
-- Cut to side view continuing. --
» Jon screams for 10 seconds.  Shockwaves come from his scream and shatter three Gavins at the opposite end.
-- Cut to another Gavin. --
» Gavin starts cloning himself again, this time a little pissed.

// Voice Change //

-- Cut to Nou and Lee reading spells. --
Nou: Okay let's try this out...
-- Let effect take place. --
» Gavin walks by just as they perform the spell.  He falls in surprise.
Lee: (Nou) How do I sound?
Nou: (Gavin) Hey you sound the same! (Surprised) Whoa! Why do I have a man's voice?
Gavin: (Lee) Haha you have a guy's voice - what the, why do I sound like girl?

// Lights out //

» InChoi draws a circle on the floor with a cane.  Then he cuts off his hand and throws it in.  Finally he holds the book in one hand, mumbles something while pointing towards the circle and a beam of light shoots from his finger.
-- Cut to circle glowing. --
» Lights go off.
InChoi: Yes! I did a spell!
» Everyone grumbles and is annoyed.
Someone: What was that for?

// Color //

» Someone turns another person blue.
Someone: Haha cool... oh no, how do I change you back?!
Random Voice: (Asee) Ahh alien! A blue alien!

// Chair //

-- Cut to stage. --
» Extra gets turned into a chair by a spell.
Chad: Man guys you know I've been standin all day.  I'm hella tired.
» Chad sits on chair and it breaks
Chad: You know what?  You guys go off playin' with your little magic.  I'm gonna use a sword, like a real man.

// Sword //

» Chad creates, sharpens his sword
Chad: Hey man is this sharp enough yet?
» He slices Brian with the sword, Brian cries in pain, falls
Chad:  All right, thanks man.

// Invisibility //

» Brian uses a spell to make himself invisible.  He tiptoes behind Chad and taps him on the shoulder.  Chad spins around, swinging his sword, and cuts Brian.  Blood pours out of the air.  Brian becomes visible again.
Brian: (touching the wound) C'mon man, again?
Chad: That's what you get for sneakin up on me, foo!

// Flying //

-- Cut to overall view of room. --
» Gavin uses a spell to fly.  He zooms around in the Little Theater above the rest of the group.
-- Cut to behind Will. --
Will: How does he fly in such a small space?
-- Cut to Will. --
» Will pulls out a slingshot and a rock.
Will: Haha!
-- Cut to Gavin. --
» Gavin is hit by a rock and falls to the ground.
-- Cut to body bag being thrown. --
-- Cut to another Gavin. --
» Gavin is getting very tired of cloning himself.  His clones are becoming very bad and messed up (tiny, distorted, half dead).

// Big Hands //

» Jon uses a spell to make his hands enormous.
-- Close-up of upper half --
Jon:  You know what big hands means...
-- Camera pans down to huge feet. --
Jon:  Big feet.
-- Cut to Brian. --
» Brian's head is huge.
Brian: Big head.
» Jon slaps him with big hands.
-- Cut to body bag being thrown. --

// Climbing //

» Edgar uses a spell to walk up the walls and onto the ceiling, like Spiderman, but suddenly falls.

// Walk Thru Walls //

-- Cut to wall.  Extra standing in front. --
Extra: Haha! Cool! I can walk through walls now!
» She turns around and walks through the wall but half of her gets stuck, leaving head and parts of her arms sticking out.
Extra: Dammit! I'm stuck!
-- Cut to side view. --
» Her half body starts sliding along the wall and leaving a trail of blood.
Extra: Oh god! No!

// Fists of Flame //

» Extra uses a spell to set his fists aflame.
» He tries once.
Extra: Fire!
» Nothing happens.
» He tries again and nothing happens.  He's about to give up when his hands come on fire randomly.
Extra: Sweet! Hey guys come here! Look!
Group: Yay!
» Suddenly, his whole body is engulfed by flames (like a flash fire...poof!)
Extra: Oh god I'm on fire!
Group: Ahh!
» Extra falls to floor and tries to roll and put the fire out
» Chad walks in with sword.
Chad: Guys, chill out.  I got this covered.
» He pulls out his sword and tries to use it to put out the flames, but ends up chopping him to pieces.

Scene 13: Death to All (Finished October 16 2007 - October 23 2007) #

-- Cut to ceiling lights. --
» Suddenly, lights black out.
Jon: Hey, deja vu!
Chad: It's Asee!  I got you now!
» Sound of sword cutting someone.  In screams.  Everyone is screaming.  Jon screams the loudest.  Someone crashes into several objects.
» Lights come back on.
-- Cut to group.  Edgar missing. --
» In is lying on the ground bleeding.  Chad is standing over him with a sword.
Chad: Oops.
» People begin screaming.

-- Cut to Leo away from group. --
Leo: Everyone remain calm!
-- Cut to Leo's side. --
» Leo is thrown sideways away from camera and hits his head and dies.
-- Swerve to group of Gavins at corner of theater. --
Gavin: (Group) Nobody move! I got this!
» A Gavin is thrown to the backwall by the neck.
-- Cut sideways to backwall. --
» Gavin flies from one end to the other and hits the wall.
-- Cut back to Gavins. --
» Another is hurled sideways.  The last ones are crushed, spin, and die.
-- Swerve back to group. --
» Everyone is scared.

-- Cut to group of chairs. --
» One of them is thrown.
-- Cut to group. --
Jon: Look out!
» Everyone ducks or runs (Nou or Lee) except Jon, who is hit by the chair and falls.

-- Cut to Nou or Lee at door. --
» She is running towards the door when it swings open.
-- Cut sideways to hide killer. --
» She is pulled out of the room and the door shuts.
-- Cut to group. --
» Only Jon, Chad, Gavin, surviving Nou/Lee, and Will are left.  They stand up cautiously glancing all around.

Scene 14: When All Else Fails (Finished October 16 2007 - October 23 2007) #

-- Asee is in costume, except for mask.  Cut to stage curtains at feet. --
» Asee begins laughing evilly.
-- Cut to curtains at regular height pointed at part of Asee's face. --
» A blade is held up by Asee who is still laughing.
-- Cut to full view of Asee standing among curtains.  Curtains blowing back like a cape. --
» Asee laughs his loudest.  He finds the curtains annoying and brushes them off.
Asee: Now you guys will die for what you did to me!

-- Cut to group. --
Jon: What DID we do to you?

-- Cut to close-up on Asee. --
Asee: Shut up!
» He pulls out a battered book.
Asee: You ruined my book.  You guys always make fun of me! I hate you all!
» Curtains begin moving again.  Asee just puts on his mask, when Edgar grabs him in a chokehold from behind the curtains and tries to stab him with his own knife.  Failing to do so, Edgar shoves him off the stage and looks down at him.

-- Cut to group. --
Jon: Here Edgar! Use the sword!
» He throws a sword.

-- Cut to midair with sword flying by. --
-- Cut to Edgar. --
» His face is in slight surprise as he glances down.  The sword is stabbed into his chest.  He collapses and dies.

-- Cut back to group. --
Jon: NOOOOOOOO! Not Edgar!
Chad: Gavin do something!
» Gavin runs forward and leaps.

-- Cut to side view of theater. --
» Gavin flies across the theater.

-- Cut to Edgar on ground. --
» Gavin's feet lands next to him.
-- Cut above ground. --
» Gavin pulls out the sword (offscreen) and tosses the group a body bag.  Then he raises the sword above his head, preparing to jump off stage and stab Asee.

-- Cut to Asee on ground. --
» Gavin yells as he supposedly jumps.
» Asee quickly rolls over and raises his hand.

-- Cut to stage sideways. --
» Gavin flies backward across the stage and into the curtains.
-- Cut to side angle of Nou/Lee. --
» Surviving Nou/Lee faces Asee and points a spell.
-- Cut to Asee. --
» Asee waves his hand as if to throw something.

-- Cut back facing Nou/Lee and the rest of the group. --
» Jon is thrown in front of Nou/Lee and turned blue.
-- Cut back to Asee. --
» Annoyed, he finally gets up and prepares to float up.

-- Cut to side view. --
» Asee glides up towards the ceiling.

-- Cut to ceiling view. --
» Asee hovers for a moment before vanishing.
-- Cut back to group. --
» Asee appears in front of them.
-- Cut to Will. --
» Will raises a camera and uses flash.
-- Cut to Asee. --
» Asee steps back, blinded.
-- Cut sideways. --
» Chad jumps in and lands several punches.  Asee slowly recovers and gets angry.
-- Zoom out with group and Asee on left. --
» Jon does a earsplitting scream and sends Asee flying into the foot of the stage.  Asee quickly turns around and scrambles up the stage.

-- Cut to group. --
Will: Quick! He's getting away!
» The group runs past the camera.

Scene 15: Last Survivor (Finished October 16 2007 - October 23 2007) #

-- Cut to Stage.  Asee is standing in center, waiting. --
» Group scrambles up and approaches Asee.  Chad has the book.  Asee claps his hands together and the curtains close, seperating the two sides.  Gavin falls out of the curtain folds.
Will: Dammit! He got away!
Gavin: Alright let's do this!
Chad: Now hold on just a minute.  We should split up and cover more ground.  Gavin, you come with me.  You guys go to the left.
Gavin: (running off to the right and waving sword) Alright let's do this!
-- Cut to other side of curtains. --
» Jon, Will, and surviving Nou/Lee wanders cautiously, splitting up.
-- Cut to Will near curtains. --
» Will is walking aimlessly and suddenly crushed and swallowed by the curtains.
-- Cut to Nou/Lee and Jon. --
Jon: Noooo! Will!
» Nou/Lee: (runs) Look out!
» Asee catches Jon by surprise, grabs his throat and slams him into the light switches, electrocuting him.
-- Cut to Nou/Lee. --
» Nou/Lee: Noo! Jon! Someone help!
-- Zoom on Nou/Lee. --
» Nou/Lee gets scared and screams.
-- Cut to shadow on wall. --
» Asee tilts Nou/Lee's head back and slashes her neck with a knife.
-- Cut in backroom. --
» Gavin and Chad are searching cluelessly.
Chad: I don't think he's here man... let's meet back with the others.
» They turn around and leave.
-- Cut back to backstage facing curtains. --
» Gavin and Chad stumble out.  Asee jumps out from behind.

-- Closeup of Asee's face, smiling crazily. --
Asee: Heeeere's ASEE!

-- Cut to stage view from seats. --
» Curtains slide open to reveal the characters.
-- Cut back to Gavin and Chad. --
» Gavin raises his sword.
Chad: We got you now Asee.

-- Cut back to Asee. --
» Asee looks at his knife and throws it aside, then pulls out a dagger.

-- Cut to Gavin and Chad farther away with Asee close to camera. --
» Gavin charges toward Asee.  Asee laughs and puts his hand out, throwing Gavin into the curtain, and then steps up and kicks Chad into a curtain, who screams and disappears behind it.
-- Cut to low angle with Gavin and Chad on ground. --
Gavin: We don't stand a chance...
Chad: No don't talk like that man, we'll beat him!

-- Cut to Asee. --
» Asee begins to laugh.  Suddenly lights begin to appear around him.
-- Zoom out. --
» Asee is surrounded by the Ghosts.
-- Cut back to Chad and Gavin. --
Gavin: Oh man! We can't beat the Ghosts AND Asee!

-- Cut back to Asee. --
» Asee begins to notice what's around him and slows his laughter, before stopping completely and becoming very scared.  Two Ghosts grab his arms and the third grabs his neck and they ram him into a wall.  Asee struggles but can't break free.
-- Cut back to Chad and Gavin. --
Chad: See, what'd I tell you! They were on our side all this time! Now go'em boy!
» Gavin grabs his sword and charges forward.

-- Cut to side angle with Ghosts and Asee on one side and Gavin on other. --
» Gavin charges forward but right before he reaches Asee, Asee swings all the Ghosts in front of him and Gavin runs full speed into them.
-- Cut to Gavin isolated. --
» Gavin is overlapped with three Ghosts and begins to tremble crazily for a moment, before the Ghosts and him combine.
» Asee and Gavin get into an intense fight, with Gavin nearly winning.
» Just as he nearly loses, Asee sticks a post-it note on Gavin, who freezes momentarily and makes a very weak punch at Asee.  Asee laughs.
-- Cut behind Gavin. --
» Ghosts are frozen in place and begin to vanish.
-- Cut back. --
» Asee jabs his arm into Gavin's chest and Gavin doubles over.
-- Cut to curtain. --
» Chad rises, book in hand.
Chad:  Not so fast, foo!
-- Cut back to Asee from behind Gavin. --
» Asee, confused and staring blankly at Chad, pulls his hand out of Gavin, holding onto a bloody organ.  Gavin falls over.
-- Cut to Chad at angle. --
» Chad fires a gun several times at Asee past camera.
Chad: Take that!
» He laughs in victory, then his expression changes to fear.
-- Cut to Asee, arm outstretched --
» Asee froze the bullets in midair, shoots them back at Chad.
-- Cut to side view with both characters. --
» Bullets fly towards Chad, who suddenly holds out his hand.
Chad: Foo! I can do that too!
» The bullets freeze in the air and fly back at Asee.  Asee holds out his hand and pushes them back.  The trend continues for a bit.  Chad begins walking closer as he does it, but he suddenly trips over Gavin.  The bullets fly over him.
-- Cut to Chad from face. --
» Chad slowly tries to get up painfully, hand to his chest.
Chad: This is not cool man...
» Chad opens his hand to reveal that Gavin's sword had stabbed him.
» Chad falls to the ground again, dies.
» Asee walks in behind Chad in the background, laughing.
-- Cut to Asee closeup. --
» Asee continues laughing.
-- Cut back to Chad on ground. --
» Chad weakly lifts his head with an annoyed look, pulls the sword out of himself and stabs Asee in the foot before dropping dead again.  Asee screams in the background.
-- Fade --

Scene 16: The Incident (Finished October 25 2007) #

-- Fade in to random extras in Little theater --
Extra: I heard a bunch of students died in here last year.
Extra:  Man that's just a bunch of crap.
Extra: No wait that sounds kinda interesting.  Hey I know, let's make a movie about it!
-- Cut to Asee entering --
Asee: Maybe I can be of help...
Extra: Sure!
-- Fade out --