A Christmas Tale


Status: Finished
Production Date: December 5 2008 - December 17 2008
Length: 15 min.
Director(s): William Mok
Camera Man/Men: William Mok
Scriptwriter(s): Gavin Wong, William Mok
Video Editor(s): William Mok
Genre: Comedy


A boy's seemingly perfect world is shattered when his friends and family tell him Santa does not exist... or does he?

Characters (8)

Boy - Asee Thao.  A little kid with a strong belief in Santa Clause.

Brother - Peter Seto. A dark, sleepy, depressing older sibling who does not believe.

Dad - Gavin Wong.  A rigid businessman who looks down on Boy. He does not believe.

Mom - Alaina Fong. A caring, stay-at-home mom who is unable to tell the boy that Santa does not exist.

Stranger - Nathan Cline. An old bum who acts as guiding figure.

Extra1 - Ava Peng.

Extra2 - Ashleen Lal.

Extra3 - Simon Lal.

Script (6)

Scene 1: The House (Finished December 8 2008 - December 10 2008) #

-- Slideshow of the winter Christmas outdoors scenery. --
-- Cut to shelf or fireplace. --
» Boy puts up a Santa Doll or idol.
-- Cut to the Boy smiling and being happy. --
Boy: I can't believe it's almost Christmas!
-- Cut to outside.  Pan to follow Boy. --
» Boy is skipping through, decorating.  Brother is standing, slumped, staring off blankly.
» Eventually, Boy runs up to Brother, stops, and slowly slumps down.
» Brother slaps Boy.
-- Cut to Brother. --
Brother: You fag! Why are you jumping around?
-- Cut to Boy. --
Boy: Because Santa is coming! I have to make the house look nice for Santa! Santa won't be happy if the house isn't nice! If Santa's not happy, then I don't get presents! Santa will-
» Brother slaps Boy.
-- Cut to Brother. --
Brother: Santa doesn't exist.

Scene 2: The Office (Finished December 8 2008) #

-- Cut to clock ticking. --
-- Cut to fireplace. --
-- Cut to Dad writing bills. Very quiet. --
-- Cut to front door. --
» Door slams open and Boy runs in wailing.
-- Cut back to Dad. --
» Dad cringes (possibly rips paper) and slams down pen.  He stands up sternly.
Dad: Son!!
-- Cut outward to show Boy running up to Dad. --
» Dad stands slumped like Brother was, staring blankly toward Boy.
» Boy runs up to him and stops before jumping up and down.
Boy: Dad! Dad! Brother said Santa doesn't...
-- Cut outside.  House shakes. --
-- Cut to Brother standing half asleep. Looks down at slight rumble. --
-- Cut back to Boy and Dad. Boy looking up, scared. --
-- Cut to Dad as he starts rambling about life. --
Dad: Son, have I ever told you the three principles of life? They are respect, silence, money, and obedience.  Without respect, we would have chaos in the world.  People would lose their minds and I would go insane.  Without silence, we would have noise, and I hate noise.  Without money, we don't get anything, buy anything, or get anything.  And most of all I like money.  Finally without obedience, we have no respect.  Because you have to obede someone to respect someone otherwise you're just ignoring them and not really respecting someone because when you respect someone you do what they say or what they want you to say and then you obey them because you respect them, not because you are trying to obey or listen to them but because you think they want to you obey them so you do it so that they don't think you aren't not respecting them, which you actually are.  Understand?
-- Cut to Boy's face with a blank look as Dad rambles on. --
» Boy shuts his eyes and wails.
Boy: But DAD! Brother said...
-- Cut to side view. --
Boy: Brother said...
» Dad slaps Boy.

Scene 3: The Kitchen (Finished December 8 2008) #

-- Cut to oven timer ticking. --
-- Cut to pot steaming. --
-- Cut to Mom standing in front of oven. --
-- Cut to side view of Mom staring at oven cooking, smiling blankly. --
» Mom slowly, squinting, tweaks the oven knob.
-- Cut to door. --
» Door slams open as Boy runs in.
-- Cut to Mom. --
» Mom cringes and accidentally turns up the oven all the way, gasps.
» Boy runs into view and Mom turns around to face him.
Boy: Mom! Mom! Dad said...I mean Brother said...and then Dad said...and Brother...
Mom: Shhh! You'll wake the fish!
-- Cut to fish in freezer or plate. --
-- Boy stops, stares at the freezer, before continuing.
Boy: But Mom! Brother...Dad...they say Santa doesn't exist!
--Cut to Mom.==
» Mom's eyes closed, rocking back and forth slightly with self-satisfaction.
» Mom's eyes pop open in shock in hearing Santa doesn't exist.
Mom: Uhh..but..son, you do know...
» Mom glances side to side nervously.
Mom: No they're just kidding. Of course Santa exists!
» Mom smiles, clasps hands together and tries to look reassuring.

Scene 4: Deep Thought (Finished December 10 2008) #

-- Cut to living room. --
» Boy cleaning and decorating.
» Boy pauses to think to himself.
Boy: Santa has to exist... Brother was wrong...Dad too...they're always trying to confuse me...Besides Mom said Santa is real...she wouldn't lie to me would she?
-- Cut to hallway.  Door across. --
» Boy walks by, overhearing Dad and Mom's conversation.
Dad: Our Son just needs to grow up!
» Boy stops, shocked.  He quickly peeks into room.
-- Cut to Mom and Dad are sitting and talking. --
Mom: But he actually thinks...
Dad: It doesn't matter what he thinks. We just have to tell him.
Mom: But it'll break his heart!
Dad: Men don't have hearts.
Mom: Well my little boy does!
-- Cut to angle of Dad. --
» Dad raises hand to pause.
Dad: Your boy has a heart. But he needs a brain too, right?
-- Cut to Mom. --
Mom: I just can't bring myself to tell him.
-- Cut back to view of both. --
» Dad slumped and staring off.
Dad: Tell him what?
» Mom gets pissed.
Mom: Tell him that Santa doesn't exist!
-- Cut to Boy peaking in. --
» Boy's eyes pop open, shocked.
-- Zoom out to include parents staring back. --
» Boy runs out of view. Mom stands up.
Mom: No wait!
-- Cut to front door. --
» Boy grabs door knob and pulls it open, runs out.
-- Cut to street from house view. --
» Boy runs out into street wailing.
-- Cut back to parents. --
» Mom glares at Dad.
Mom: Now look what you've done.
Dad: I didn't do anything.  You said it.
-- Fade to black. --

Scene 5: Distress (Finished December 9 2008) #

-- Fades to next day. Pan across store entrance toward corner. --
» Extra1, Extra2, Extra3 entering in and out of store, happy with Christmas gifts.  Boy huddled in corner, depressed.
» Some Extras come by and mock Boy.
Extra: Aww, Santa doesn't exist? What a baby!
-- Cut to Boy. --
» Boy thinking to himself.
Boy: I can't believe they were all lies.  Mom lied.  Santa is a lie.  Christmas is a lie.  What is real anymore?
» Shadow of Stranger looms over and he glances up.
-- Cut to Stranger from Boy's view. --
Stranger: What are you doing here all by yourself on such a beautiful Christmas Eve?
-- Cut to Boy. --
Boy: Santa doesn't exist anymore! What's the point?
-- Cut to side view. --
» Stranger slaps Boy.
Stranger: Don't talk like that.  Who told you Santa doesn't exist?
Boy: M-my Brother - Dad - Mom, they all said Santa is fake!
-- Cut to Stranger. --
» Stranger leans in.
Stranger: Do you think Santa is real?
-- Cut to Boy. --
Boy: I-I don't know...
-- Cut to Stranger. --
Stranger: It's a simple question.  What do you believe?
-- Cut to Boy. --
Boy: I... Yes I think.
-- Cut to Stranger. --
» Stranger smiles.
-- Cut to side view. --
Stranger: There, so Santa does exist then.  Merry Christmas - I'll be heading off now...
» Stranger waves and walks off.
-- Cut to Boy. --
Boy: Wait, what will I do?
-- Cut to Stranger in distance. --
Stranger: Go home! Enjoy your Christmas!
-- Cut to Boy.  Fade. --

Scene 6: Home (Finished December 10 2008) #

-- Fade to outside house.  Dark. --
» Brother still standing in same spot, hunched over staring blankly.
-- Cut to front door. --
» Boy opens door slowly and sneaks in.
-- Cut to hallway with door to parents slightly open. --
» Mom and Dad in room arguing.
» Boy tiptoes past.
Mom: Our boy has run away! Our boy has run away!
Dad: Sir - I mean Ma'am - Honey! It was probably just a cat!
Mom: A cat?
» Mom pauses before continuing to wail.
Mom: Wahhh! Our son got eaten by a cat!
-- Cut to Boy's room. --
» Boy crawls into bed and huddles up.
» Flashbacks of Brother, Dad, and Mom saying Santa doesn't exist.
» Boy cringes but goes to sleep.
-- Fade to Boy sleeping, now different position. --
-- Camera shakes.  Footsteps. --
» Boy wakes and gasps.
-- Cut to living room. --
» Boy runs into view from hallway and stops, staring in awe.
Boy: You do exist!
» Boy's awe expression breaks into smile.
-- Fade to next morning, to gift in Boy's hand with a note. --
-- Cut to Boy's face, overjoyed. --
» Boy rips off the note and runs off into hallway behind him.
-- Fade to note on ground. --
Note: You just have to believe.
» Boy yelling happily in background.
Boy: Mom! Dad! Look what Santa got me!
Dad: Son! You woke me at 10am in the morning!
» Sound of slap.