Fast Food Felony


Status: Finished
Production Date: September 10 2008 - March 22 2009
Length: 3 min.
Director(s): Gavin Wong
Camera Man/Men: Gavin Wong
Scriptwriter(s): Gavin Wong
Video Editor(s): Gavin Wong
Genre: Comedy


  Short skit by Gavin Wong.  Two police go up to a restaurant or fast food to purchase something to eat.  Unbeknownst to them, the building is captured by crooks.  The cashier makes every attempt to warn the cops, but will the police figure it out before it's too late?

Characters (5)

Cop 1 - Chayen Lor.  Main or lead cop during the skit.

Cop 2 - Gerardo Dominguez. Cop's partner.

Employee - Alaina Fong.  Employee who  desperately tries to get the attention of some slow cops.

Robber 1 - Nathan Cline.

Robber 2 - Simon Lal.

Script (4)

Scene 1: Robbery (Finished March 4 2009) #

-- Takes place at the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant. Start off with the cops talking to each other, waitin for the person at the window to give them their food. --
Employee: Sorry about the HOLD UP, officers. We are all TIED UP with our work.
Cop 1: Oh, no problem. Can we have our food now?
Employee: Uhhh, thats gonna be $9.11
Cop 1: $9.11 for a few tacos? Thats kind of expensive...
Employee: Yea, you could call that ROBBERY.
Cop 1: No no, its ok.
Employee: No really, that's like ROBBERY huh?
Cop 1: Nah I understand with the economy going down, you guys gotta raise your prices. Heres your money.

Scene 2: Economy (Finished March 4 2009) #

-- Fade to show time passing, Cops still waiting for tacos. --
Cop 2: Can you believe how bad the economy is now?
Cop 1: Yeah, $9.11 is way too much for tacos...  I  think shes trying to overcharge us. This is like robbery!
Cop 2: Hmmm... robbery... yeah.... Hmm... wait a minute.....
-- Long pause --
Cop 2: OH MAN!
Cop 1: (looks around) What? What is it??
Cop 2: I forgot to pick up my dry cleaning!! AWWW MAN.
-- Fade --

Scene 3: Dropping Change (Finished March 4 2009) #

Employee: Sorry about the wait sir, but I dropped your change back here. Can you come in here and help me look? (Makes shooting gestures with her hands and points behind her)
Cop 1: Are you flirting with me??
Employee: Oh my god... No sir, I am not flirting with you!
Cop 2: Of course not, she's flirting with me, right?? I get off at 5, and I'll come pick you up then. (wink wink)
Employee: Ugh.. you know what? Why don't you come back here right now and we can make out.... Make sure you come through the front door.
Cop 2: Ah, actually I really shouldn't. I'm on the job right now, need to be alert to catch those bad guys, you know?
Employee: (sighs) Wait here.
-- Cut to employee handing bag to officer. --
Cop 1: Thank you
-- They drive off. --

Scene 4: Two Armed Men (Finished March 4 2009) #

Cop 2: Hey, there's a note in here... "Help us, there are two armed men inside."
Cop 1: There better be two-armed men inside, how can a one-armed man make tacos???