When God Said Hi

Script (1)

Scene 26: The Beginning of Time (Finished April 19 2007 - May 24 2007) #

-- Zoom out from Timeguy laughing to reveal Bob staring at him. --
Bob: What are you laughing?
» Bob moves in to slap him. Timeguy ducks it.
Timeguy: Not this time.
» Bob swings again and again. Timeguy dodges it and then blocks and catches her hand. There is a loud crackling noise and Timeguy lets go.
Timeguy: Ow! That's it! I've had it!
» Timeguy runs off to an empty space.
-- Cut to Timeguy alone. --
» He pulls out more snacks and starts eating as fast as he can, but chewing carefully with an evil glare towards the group. He laughs evilly with his mouth full.
-- Cut to Random Kid, Alice, Sloth, and Dad. --
» Bob runs in to join.
Random Kid: What'd you do? He looks like he's about to pig himself to death!
Bob: Who cares?
» There's a blur of Timeguy and Bob falls over as if slapped over the head.
Bob: Ow!
-- Cut to Dad alone. --
Dad: Oh no! God told me this would happen! You've made Timeguy-
» Timeguy zooms in and charges into him, dragging him off screen. Dad, in a praying stance, is caught by surprise and his last word echoes.
Dad: -angry-y-y-y!