When God Said Hi

Script (1)

Scene 24: Showup (Finished April 16 2007 - May 29 2007) #

-- View of walkway. --
» Bob, Timeguy, Sloth, and Alice are running down from something.
-- Cut to side of building, zooming out. --
» The heroes cut around the corner and out of sight.
-- Cut to grassland. --
-- View of back (horizon). --
» Bob, Timeguy, Sloth, and Alice are running towards the camera from something.
-- Cut to side view, with the heroes running from left to right. --
» Mr. Alien's spacecraft (Evil Kid's head) lands directly in front of them. Evil Kid appears between them, coming from the spaceship.
-- Cut to grass close up. --
» Evil Kid's feet come into view, marching. One sock is higher than the other.
-- Cut to distance in front of ship. --
» Evil Kid is laughing evilly, but is nowhere to be seen. Then a small speck of Evil Kid slowly marches toward the camera. Evil Kid runs out of breath part way.
Evil Kid: Ah screw it. Surrender! I have you trapped!
-- Cut to empty space. --
» Timeguy runs in.
Timeguy: Hah! I planned for this. I told myself to come back to this exact time next month every minute!
» Timeguy braces himself. Suddenly another Timeguy appears, chewing on a candy bar.
Timeguy2: Hah!
-- Cut to other heroes. --
Bob: That's it?!
-- Cut to Timeguys. --
Timeguy: Wait for it...
» Suddenly Timeguys start appearing all over, all eating a candy bar and each on calling out 'Hah!'.
Timeguy: Now I'm ready! Charge!
» Timeguy runs off to hide with the group. The other Timeguys charge. The Timeguys swarm Evil Kid, who waves a hat around swatting at them. Random lightning bolts are shot out. The Timeguys do not appear to have any clue what they are supposed to be swarming at. Suddenly they stop.
Timeguy2: Oh no! I need to go back in time to help the other Timeguy!
» All the other Timeguys pull out a candy bar and bite into it, screaming 'Hah!' before disappearing.
-- Cut to side view of the group. --
Evil Kid: Bwahaha! Admit it now! I AM your father!
» Bob turns around.
Bob: Look!
-- Cut to back view. --
» Mr. Alien marches towards the group from the horizon. He appears worn down but not defeated. He is carrying a shovel.
-- Cut to side view again, Mr. Alien stops on the left. The heroes are in the middle. Evil Kid and the spaceship are on the right. --
» Mr. Alien starts his evil laugh.
Evil Kid: Shoo! Go away! I killed you already!
Mr. Alien: Fool! You can't kill me that easily!
» Mr. Alien points his shovel randomly and starts firing off huge laser beams. The heroes scatter and run off screen. Evil Kid teleports back into the spaceship, which rises up.
-- Cut to back view. --
Mr. Alien: Aha! This time I have my spare key!
» Mr. Alien raises his fist and opens it to reveal a small twig. He starts to teleport.
-- Cut to Alice. --
» Alice's head starts to shine brightly and a beam fires off towards the camera.
» Mr. Alien is almost gone when the beam fries his hand and he drops the key and also his shovel.
Mr. Alien: Ow!
» He still disappears into the spaceship, but leaves the key behind.
» Alice runs over and picks up the key.
-- Cut to spaceship in the air. --
» Voices of Evil Kid and Mr. Alien are heard in the spaceship. Spaceship constantly transforms between Evil Kid and Mr. Alien's head.
Evil Kid: How'd you get in here?
Mr. Alien: I have a spare key!
Evil Kid: Where?
Mr. Alien: Right here!
Evil Kid: Where?
Mr. Alien: Oh no I lost it!
Evil Kid: You lost your shovel too!
Mr. Alien: It's not a shovel! It's a wooden state-of-the-art, heat-ray-firing garden tool!
Evil Kid: Bwahahaha!
-- Cut back to Alice. --
Alice: Hurry up! They're getting away!
-- Cut to Timeguy, Bob, and Sloth standing in the distance. --
» Timeguy runs over.
Timeguy: Run!
-- Cut back to Alice. --
» The group regathers.
-- Cut to Alice alone, holding the twig in the air. --
Alice: Ready?
-- Cut to Timeguy. --
Timeguy: For what?
-- Cut back to group view. --
» Nothing happens.
Bob: I think you broke it.