When God Said Hi

Script (1)

Scene 25: Showdown (Finished April 16 2007-May 29 2007) #

-- Cut to back view of horizon. --
Dad: Not so fast!
» Dad marches toward the camera, Spot on his shoulder. Random Kid marches closely by his side.
Dad: To defeat the evilest of the evil people things, we must group together to be the biggest of the good things!
-- Cut to Alice and the others. --
Bob: What are you trying to say?
» Random Kid runs in.
Random Kid: Oh hey! A gun!
Sloth: Don't kill yourself again.
Bob: What are you guys supposed to do?
Random Kid: Holy Dad has taught me well. You must use Spot!
-- Cut to Dad in horizon. --
» Dad looks extremely proud. Spot looks nervously between Dad and the camera.
-- Cut to group. --
Timeguy: Ohhhh yeeeaaaahhhh! I remember that! We're supposed to fire Spot at the Evil Kid!
-- Cut to empty area. --
» Timeguy runs in and holds up a rocket launcher.
Timeguy: Spot! Come here!
» Spot runs over and stops in front of Timeguy. Timeguy stuffs the launcher over Spot and aims the launcher into the sky.
Timeguy: Fire!
-- Cut to above Timeguy at an angle. Timeguy is aiming the launcher at the camera. --
Spot: Oh crap!
» Spot shoots out of the launcher and towards the camera.
-- Cut to far side view. --
» Timeguy is extremely happy and shades his eyes to watch Spot fly off into the sky.
Spot: Time freeze!
-- Cut to close-up on Timeguy. --
» Timeguy becomes confused and squints into the distance.
-- Cut to behind Timeguy facing the spaceship (Evil Kid's head) in the sky. --
» A tiny speck is frozen in between.
-- Cut back to looking down on Timeguy from above. Pan to the right to reveal a enlarged, frozen Spot, facing the camera with an idiotic grin. --
-- Cut back to close side view with Timeguy. --
Spot: Rewind!
» Timeguy gets the launcher ready and Spot zooms back into it. Timeguy steps back as if feeling the impact.
Timeguy: Fire!
» Spot shoots off into the sky and out of the screen.
Spot: Rewind!
» Spot zooms back into the launcher.
Timeguy: Fire!
Spot: Rewind!
Timeguy: Fire!
Spot: Rewind!
-- green screen of the rest of the group watching the scene from far side view. --
Alice: *faces Dad* This isn't working...
Dad: *faces Alice* That's because he's not doing it right!
Random Kid: *turns towards camera* Can Spot really blow up the spaceship?
» The entire group should be turned towards the camera now (facing each other). There is a moment of silence.
Dad: Of course he can! Have I not learned anything I taught you?
» Bob picks up a tree branch that just happens to be on the ground.
Bob: Let me try then.
-- Cut to close-up of Timeguy still firing the weapon. --
Timeguy: Fire!
» Bob pushes Timeguy aside.
Bob: Move!
» Spot zooms back down and Bob swings. Spot zooms off much faster this time.
Spot: Ow!
-- Cut to behind Bob and Timeguy facing the sky. --
» Spot zooms off towards the ship and rebounds off of it. The ship starts to slide out into the distance and disappears.
Bob: Your rocket launcher sucks.
Timeguy: How'd you - nevermind.
» Timeguy pulls out an apple.
-- Cut to apple in Timeguy's hand. --
-- Cut to front view of Bob and Timeguy. --
Timeguy: Mmm... apple!
» Bob makes a motion to steal it.
Bob: Hey, I saved the day. I should have the apple!
» Bob takes the apple and eats it. Timeguy stares blankly and begins to cry. His crying transitions to choking and then an evil laugh. He raises his head.
-- Cut to Timeguy's face. --
» Timeguy becomes extremely mad and insane and begins laughing evilly.