When God Said Hi

Script (1)

Scene 17: See Spot Again (Finished May 24 2007 - May 29 2007) #

» The entire group is trudging along the field. Spot is running to catch up. He dashes off-screen and calls Timeguy over.
Spot: Pst! Hey you! Come over here!
» Timeguy comes over, suspicious. The rest of the group continues, unaware.
Timeguy: Why so secret?
» Spot comes out from the shadows.
Spot: I know what you can do.
Timeguy: Like what?
Spot: Your secret.
Timeguy: Secret?
Spot: You know...
Timeguy: Ohhh! You mean that! Yeah... I used to steal food from the cafeteria, but really! I don't do it anymore!
» Spot runs in circles for a moment, yelling and screaming.
Spot: No, I mean the fact you can control time!
Timeguy: Oh that! Yeah - only when I'm hungry though.
Spot: Well, I can too!
Timeguy: Really?!
Spot: Yes! Watch... I'm going to go to the future...
» Spot looks around and prepares.
Spot: Fast-forward!
» Spot jerks really quick and resumes normally.
Spot: Whoa! Where am I? It's the future...
» Timeguy claps.
Timeguy: That's incredible! Can you go back in time too?
Spot: Yes, of course. Watch... Rewind!
» Spot, himself, starts rewinding and moving backwards. Then he starts running circles backwards, before retreating to the shadows. Suddenly he calmly walks out.
Spot: Pst! Hey you-WHOA! How'd you get here so fast?!
» Bob and the others have noticed Timeguy missing and come over behind Timeguy.
Bob: What are you watching? Oh him...
Timeguy: He can control time, just like me!
Bob: Really? Can I step on you and you dodge it?
Spot: I'll just freeze time.
Bob: Show me.
» Spot acts really proud.
Spot: Freeze!
» Spot freezes in his stance, face frozen in a bizarre grin. Everyone stares for a moment.
Alice: What's he doing?
Timeguy: Shhh! He's frozen in time! Don't disturb him!
» Bob marches over and steps on him.
-- Cut to group. --
» Timeguy, Alice, and Sloth are shocked.
-- Cut to Bob. --
» Bob's foot is injured trying to stomp on the rock-solid Spot.
Bob: OW! Stupid gnome!
» Bob kicks Spot, but Spot is still frozen.
-- Cut to group. --
Timeguy: We must contact the holy priest!
Alice: You mean the drunk guy?
Timeguy: The drunk-turned-holy priest! Yes!
» Timeguy turns around and runs off into the distance.