When God Said Hi

Script (1)

Scene 8: Escape (Finished April 27 2007) #

-- Side View of Scene. Bob standing after slapping Timeguy who fell over Mr. Alien. Bob is holding Random Kid by the collar and beating him. The other two are unconscious on the ground. --
» Sloth moves up to Bob. Alice follows.
Sloth: Whoa... Bob, what happened?
» Bob lets go of Random Kid, who runs off..
Bob: Hi Sloth, hi Alice. That thing right there just pointed a stick at my head and called me a guy.
Alice: What about that guy? *points to Timeguy*
Bob: I don't know where he came from. I slapped him by accident..
» Sloth picks up the tree branch gun and starts poking Mr. Alien with it.
Sloth: Is it alive?
-- Cut to Mr. Alien's face. His eyes snap wide open. --
-- Cut to sky view from Mr. Alien's distorted vision. --
» Bob and the others pop their heads in.
Random Kid: Oh whoa! An alien!
» Timeguy arrives in the picture very late.
Timeguy: What are you guys looking at?
-- Camera rises to imply Mr. Alien getting up. --
» The group reacts. Sloth backs up. Bob is shocked. Timeguy is clueless and keeps peering at Mr. Alien.