When God Said Hi

Script (0)

Scene: Abduction (REMOVED) #

-- Side view of Scene. Bob standing after slapping Timeguy who fell over Mr. Alien. Bob is holding Random Kid by the collar and beating him. The other two are unconscious on the ground. --
» Sloth moves up to Bob. Alice follows.
Sloth: Whoa... Bob, what happened?
» Bob lets go of Random Kid, who runs off..
Bob: Hi Sloth, hi Alice. That thing right there just pointed a stick at my head and called me a guy.
Alice: What about that guy? *points to Timeguy*
Bob: I don't know where he came from. I slapped him by accident..
» Sloth picks up the tree branch gun and starts poking Mr. Alien with it.
Sloth: Is it alive?
-- Cut to Mr. Alien's face. His eyes snap wide open. --
-- Cut to Mr. Alien standing up. --
Mr. Alien: Now I'm angry!
» Mr. Alien grabs the tree branch gun and starts yanking. Sloth doesn't let go and drags Mr. Alien around, who's holding onto the gun from the wrong end.
Bob: Shoot him!
» Random Emo walks in.
Random Emo: Noooo! That's too violent!
» The gun fires and Mr. Alien falls to the ground.
-- Earth shakes. Thunder in distance and all goes dark. --
» Alien Pico de Gallo Boss zooms in out of nowhere at super speed. She pulls up Mr. Alien, grabs Alice and Sloth, and speeds away. She tries to grab Bob too, but Bob doesn't budge. Timeguy is hiding under a piece of clothing.
-- Thunder clears and all is light again. --
» Bob looks around and only sees Timeguy's feet sticking out. Timeguy sits up and grabs his head.
Bob: Where'd everyone go?
Timeguy: What happened here? Ow! Why do I have I headache?!
-- Fade to Black. --