When God Said Hi

Characters (1)

Random Kid - Gavin Wong. Talks and acts very ghetto all the time and very randomly appears.

Script (17)

Scene 1: When God Said Hi (Finished April 11 2007) #

-- Unfade. Narration of upcoming scenes. Slideshow of scenes to come and just random pictures. --
Dad: OH MY GODS! The world is in grave danger. The gods - GOD - have given me a terrible prophecy.
-- Fade to 'Happy Day'. --
Dad: Signs have begun to appear. What they mean, we can only fantasize.
-- Fade to 'The Kid'. --
Dad: I was once a professional drunkard. I drank 9 gallons of beer daily. I was blind to fate . . . But I changed . . . When God said Hi.
-- Fade to black after seeing Dad drunk. --
God: HI.
-- Unfade to Evil Kid laughing an evil laugh. --
Dad: Now I have become a holy priest.
-- Fade to black. --
Dad: Twenty-nine years from now, great things will occur. Whether they be terrible or the good-kind-of-great, we may never know.
-- Twenty-nine years later. --
Dad: Ok maybe in twenty-nine years...

Scene 6: Meet Bob (Finished March 1 2007) #

-- Pan down from sky to front of school with school bell ringing (school out). --
» Bob is walking out of school. She reaches an isolated spot and Mr. Alien (from behind tree) holds the tree branch to her head.
Mr. Alien: Don't move.. what is your name?
Bob: Bob.
Mr. Alien: What?
Bob: Bob.
» Bob is annoyed as Mr. Alien peers at her for a moment.
Mr. Alien (scratching head with laser gun): Are you a man?
» Bob slaps Mr. Alien and knocks him out.
» Random Kid sees this and walks up to Bob.
Random Kid: Yo! You a guy? 'Cuz you some fine-ass guy....
-- Cut to Black. There's a scream [Random Kid] in the darkness. --

Scene 7: The Hungry Time Traveler (Finished March 1 2007-March 27 2007) #

-- Side view of Timeguy sitting on a bench eating a sandwich. Every time he takes a bit, time goes backwards for a second. --
-- Cut to far view of Bob getting held at gunpoint. Rewind and repeat several times (as Timeguy is eating). --
-- Zoom on Timeguy's blank face as he's staring toward scene. --
» Suddenly Timeguy's eyes go wide after watching the scene 10 times in a row.
Timeguy: Oh my god! There's a kid in trouble!
» Timeguy holds up a brand new sandwich Power Bar.
Timeguy: Mmmm! Sandwich! *shoves entire snack into his mouth*
» Time freezes and Timeguy runs over to the scene. He stops right between Bob and Mr. Alien, glaring at Mr. Alien as if ready to fight. Bob has her hand up ready to slap. Timeguy swallows and gets slapped across the head and stumbles into Mr. Alien. They both fall.
-- Cut to view of Bob looking at two unconscious characters. --
» Random Kid comes up.
Random Kid: Damn!!! This guy is crazy buff! He's a guy for reals!
» Bob turns around to face him.
-- Screen fades. --
Timeguy (on ground): Man, I have this saying.. for whoever likes Bob, I feel pity for him.

Scene 8: Escape (Finished April 27 2007) #

-- Side View of Scene. Bob standing after slapping Timeguy who fell over Mr. Alien. Bob is holding Random Kid by the collar and beating him. The other two are unconscious on the ground. --
» Sloth moves up to Bob. Alice follows.
Sloth: Whoa... Bob, what happened?
» Bob lets go of Random Kid, who runs off..
Bob: Hi Sloth, hi Alice. That thing right there just pointed a stick at my head and called me a guy.
Alice: What about that guy? *points to Timeguy*
Bob: I don't know where he came from. I slapped him by accident..
» Sloth picks up the tree branch gun and starts poking Mr. Alien with it.
Sloth: Is it alive?
-- Cut to Mr. Alien's face. His eyes snap wide open. --
-- Cut to sky view from Mr. Alien's distorted vision. --
» Bob and the others pop their heads in.
Random Kid: Oh whoa! An alien!
» Timeguy arrives in the picture very late.
Timeguy: What are you guys looking at?
-- Camera rises to imply Mr. Alien getting up. --
» The group reacts. Sloth backs up. Bob is shocked. Timeguy is clueless and keeps peering at Mr. Alien.

Scene: Abduction (REMOVED) #

-- Side view of Scene. Bob standing after slapping Timeguy who fell over Mr. Alien. Bob is holding Random Kid by the collar and beating him. The other two are unconscious on the ground. --
» Sloth moves up to Bob. Alice follows.
Sloth: Whoa... Bob, what happened?
» Bob lets go of Random Kid, who runs off..
Bob: Hi Sloth, hi Alice. That thing right there just pointed a stick at my head and called me a guy.
Alice: What about that guy? *points to Timeguy*
Bob: I don't know where he came from. I slapped him by accident..
» Sloth picks up the tree branch gun and starts poking Mr. Alien with it.
Sloth: Is it alive?
-- Cut to Mr. Alien's face. His eyes snap wide open. --
-- Cut to Mr. Alien standing up. --
Mr. Alien: Now I'm angry!
» Mr. Alien grabs the tree branch gun and starts yanking. Sloth doesn't let go and drags Mr. Alien around, who's holding onto the gun from the wrong end.
Bob: Shoot him!
» Random Emo walks in.
Random Emo: Noooo! That's too violent!
» The gun fires and Mr. Alien falls to the ground.
-- Earth shakes. Thunder in distance and all goes dark. --
» Alien Pico de Gallo Boss zooms in out of nowhere at super speed. She pulls up Mr. Alien, grabs Alice and Sloth, and speeds away. She tries to grab Bob too, but Bob doesn't budge. Timeguy is hiding under a piece of clothing.
-- Thunder clears and all is light again. --
» Bob looks around and only sees Timeguy's feet sticking out. Timeguy sits up and grabs his head.
Bob: Where'd everyone go?
Timeguy: What happened here? Ow! Why do I have I headache?!
-- Fade to Black. --

Scene 9: Charge (Finished April 27 2007) #

-- Cut to view of front of Mr. Alien, who is behind the main characters. Slowly zooming out. --
» Alice, Sloth, Timeguy, Random Kid, and Bob spin around and run out past the camera.
Sloth: Oh my god! Run! It's alive!
Random Kid: Haha! Cool! What are we running from?
Timeguy: It's only an alien, come on. Maybe he wants to be friends.
» Mr. Alien stumbles outward with his tree-branch gun and pokes Timeguy, who screams and runs off.
-- Camera stops zooming out when Evil Kid comes into view as a bum, sleeping on the sidewalk. --
Mr. Alien: Come back you cowards!
» Evil Kid stands up in view of camera.
Evil Kid: Be quiet I'm trying to sleep here! *shaking fist*
» Evil Kid lies back down and puts jacket over head.
» Mr. Alien is surprised that someone would stand up to him.
Mr. Alien: What?! How dare you?!
-- Cut to side view with Mr. Alien marching toward Evil Kid on the floor. --
» Mr. Alien points tree-branch at Evil Kid.
Mr. Alien: Stand up! Don't move!
» Evil Kid yawns and stands up.
Mr. Alien: What is your name?
» Evil Kid touches the tree-branch with his fingertip. Mr. Alien drops the tree-branch as if electrocuted.
Mr. Alien: Ow!
-- Zoom out. Mr. Alien is just standing there, Evil Kid poking and shocking him each time. --
-- Cut to Timeguy. --
» Timeguy stops, spins around, and realizes the scene.
Timeguy: Oh no! Stop guys! There's another kid in trouble!
» He motions towards the others. Bob, Sloth, and Alice come over.
-- Cut to Random Kid. --
» Random Kid keeps running.
-- Cut to Timeguy. --
Timeguy: I said stop!
-- Cut to Random Kid. --
» Random Kid hears nothing and continues running off, screaming.
-- Cut to Evil Kid still poking Mr. Alien. Mr. Alien looks very sleepy. --
Evil Kid: This guy never dies!
» Timeguy runs in behind Evil Kid and cups his hands to shout right into Evil Kid's ear.
Timeguy: Run for your life!
» Timeguy starts running in circles around Mr. Alien and Evil Kid. Evil Kid shocks Timeguy and snickers evilly.
Timeguy: AHH! Oh no! He's got me! He's got me!
-- Cut to face Mr. Alien. --
» Mr. Alien suddenly shakes himself awake. He roars.
Mr. Alien: That's it! I'm angry!
-- Zoom out. --
Evil Kid: Ahh! Don't hurt me!
» Evil Kid and Timeguy run off past camera. Evil Kid drops his hat and sunglasses. Mr. Alien starts to laugh. Evil Kid's hat lands over his face and covers his eyes.
Mr. Alien: Hey!
Timeguy: Run!
» The others come in from the sides and run past the camera. Mr. Alien stays behind, still unable to see.
Mr. Alien: You can hide, but you can't run!
-- Fade to black. --

Scene 10: Down the Alley (Finished March 8 2007) #

-- Bob, Alice, Sloth, Timeguy, and Evil Kid are discussing what to do in alley. CLEARLY there is a fork in the road, both leading to possible escape routes, but our heroes think they have reached a dead end. The 'good guys' are still unaware of Evil Kid's true intentions. --
Evil Kid: Oh no! It's a dead end! What will we do?!
-- Zoom out. --
» Mr. Alien steps into the picture.
-- Characters behave however they want, in the situation that Mr. Alien is chasing them and trying to capture them with his tree branch gun. At some point, Random Kid makes a return and is basically lost in the whole mess. --
-- Scene must end with the heroes escaping to behind the dumpster. Mr. Alien has lost them and is in search. --
» Mr. Alien heads towards the dumpster. Characters gasp. Alice frowns.
Mr. Alien: Aha! I have you guys now!
» Mr. Alien drops his tree-branch gun, and climbs to the top of the dumpster to peer in. Alice walks out from behind the dumpster.
-- Zoom out. It turns out Mr. Alien is not even at the right dumpster. --
» Alice walks over to Mr. Alien's dumpster, where Mr. Alien is peering in, unaware of the problem.
Random Kid: Nooo! Alice! Don't go!
» Alice turns around.
Alice: Shut up [before he hears you]!
-- Face towards Mr. Alien. He's still peering into the dumpster, unaware. --
Alice: Nevermind!
» Mr. Alien turns his head around. Alice kicks the dumpster. Mr. Alien falls in; actually falls out toward ground, someone behind dumpster shuts the lid if possible.

Scene 11: Undump (Finished March 22 2007 - April 27 2007) #

» Alice walks away, as if a job well done after knocking Mr. Alien into the dumpster.
» The group walks out to congratulate her. Random Kid stays behind in fear.
» Timeguy finds a piece of candy in the dumpster and eats it, traveling back and being plopped right in front of Mr. Alien, who stops laughing.
Mr. Alien: Hey! You're ruining my moment!
Timeguy: Oh no! Run!!!
» Timeguy runs off. The group comes out of hiding and scatters.
Evil Kid: Everyone split up so he can't catch you!
» Someone drops a penny. Evil Kid snickers and steals it before running off.
» Mr. Alien stands in confusion. Random Kid comes in very late and has a memory lapse.
Random Kid: Oh man! Where'd everyone go? Oh whoa! An alien!
» Random Kid runs off. Mr. Alien chases him. They catch up to Timeguy who for some reason decided to stop. The two run off screaming, followed by Mr. Alien, screaming as well (for whatever reason).
-- Cut to alley. --
» Timeguy runs outward and then turns toward fields. Everyone else turns towards the left. Evil Kid drops his quarter in the process. Random Kid is lost and after going back and forth a few times, goes to the right towards the fields. Mr. Alien follows him. Evil Kid comes back for the quarter and leaves.
» Sloth runs back in.
Sloth: Hey! The alien went the other way! Hurry!
» The others follow, but walk. Sloth jogs in circles around them.
Bob: Calm down, just walk. We'll make it there.
» Evil Kid follows up extremely late, dropping his quarter along the way.
-- Fade. --

Scene 12: Five Leaf Clover (Finished March 15 2007) #

-- Timeguy and Random Kid have been separated from the rest of the group and Mr. Alien is in hot pursuit. View angle from side. --
» Suddenly, Timeguy stops to pick a clover off the grass. Mr. Alien runs past without noticing, chasing Random Kid off screen.
Timeguy: Wow! A five-leaf clover!
-- Zoom on clover in Timeguy's hand. The two extra petals are stapled on, very noticeably. --
» Mr. Alien chases Random Kid in the background, who eventually runs up to Timeguy.
Random Kid: The alien's after us! Run!
» Timeguy holds up the five leaf clover.
Timeguy: I feel lucky today!
» Random Kid sees the obvious staples in the clover and tries to explain it to Timeguy. Meanwhile, Mr. Alien is chasing after nothing in the background.
Random Kid: Umm... it's not real. Can't you see the staples?
» Timeguy stares at Random Kid for a moment. There is an awkward silence.
Timeguy: You're blind!
» Timeguy pulls out a strip of tape from nowhere and tapes the clover to his forehead. Mr. Alien appears from the side and Random Kid scrambles off the screen. Mr. Alien stops right in front of Timeguy and laughs.
Timeguy: Stand back! *uses the clover threateningly*
» Mr. Alien stops laughing and takes careful aim. He fires, but the laser reflects off Timeguy's forehead and knocks down Mr. Alien.
» Mr. Alien quickly stands back up, angry and psychotic. He roars and chases Timeguy, leaving behind the gun.
» Random Kid stands and watches them run off. He cheers Timeguy on. Then he notices the gun on the floor and picks it up.
» Random Kid chases Mr. Alien, who is unaware he is being chased. Mr. Alien chases Timeguy, who has taken the clover off his forehead and is trying to use it to repel Mr. Alien. Mr. Alien is power-walking the entire time instead of running.
» Timeguy eventually hides behind Random Kid. Random Kid points the gun at a suddenly surprised Mr. Alien, but is unable to fire the weapon.
Random Kid: The gun isn't working...
» Mr. Alien does his evil laugh again. Timeguy grabs the gun and looks into the firing end.
Timeguy: It works... watch!
» Timeguy is shot in the eye and falls to the ground.
Random Kid: OH MY GOD!
» Mr. Alien starts laughing again. Random Kid picks up the gun and fires, but the gun is pointed at himself.
-- Fade to black in mute. Both heroes lying on the ground unconscious, Mr. Alien still laughing. --

Scene 13: Treachery (Finished April 16 2007 - May 24 2007) #

-- Unfade on unconscious Timeguy and Random Guy. Mr. Alien is nowhere to be seen. --
» Bob, Alice, Sloth, and Evil Kid walk in on the scene.
» Evil Kid gives each unconscious person a poke.
Evil Kid: Whoa what happened here?
» Timeguy and Random Guy slowly get up a recover. Timeguy has a horrific sizzling hole in his forehead.
Timeguy: Awww, I have a frickin' headache...
Sloth: Oh my god! How are you still alive?! You have a hole in your forehead!
Timeguy: I'm a Time Traveler. I can't die - everyone knows that.
» Random Guy moves over to inspect.
Random Guy: He's very lucky. The laser beam missed his vital organs.
Alice: How would you know?
Random Guy: *looking proud* I used to be a doctor.
Bob: What about you then? You have a giant hole in your chest.
-- Zoom out on Random Guy to reveal a gaping hole in his chest. --
» Random Guy glances and falls over in pain.
Random Guy: Ohh, I think I have heartburn... Someone give me some painkillers!
Timeguy: *whispers very loudly* Don't worry. He's a zombie. I saw it in my time travels.
-- Moment of silence while everyone is recovering. --
Evil Kid: Where'd the alien go?
Timeguy: I have no idea...
» Everyone searches around. Suddenly Timeguy points towards the camera.
Timeguy: Look!
-- Camera spins around. --
» Mr. Alien is right there, kicking at his spaceship head, trying to get in.
Mr. Alien: Argh! Where are my keys?!
-- Cut back to group. --
Random Guy: Hey, he lost keys. Don't just stand there. Help him out! Has anyone seen his keys?
-- Cut to Evil Kid. --
» Evil Kid raises his hand and opens to reveal a twig.
Evil Kid: 'I' have his keys.
-- Cut to group. --
» Everyone starts cheering.
-- Cut to Mr. Alien. --
» Mr. Alien starts laughing.
-- Cut to Evil Kid. --
» Evil Kid teleports and vanishes.
-- Cut to Mr. Alien. --
» The spaceship rises up out of the screen. Lasers come down and blast away Mr. Alien. Mr. Alien is unaffected for a while and keeps laughing, unaware the ship is gone. A larger beams comes down and knocks him out.
Mr. Alien: Ow that hurt!
-- Cut to group. --
» Everyone stares for a moment. Then everyone panics and runs off. Random Guy limps away.
Random Guy: Wait for me!
-- Fade to black. --

Scene: See Spot Run (REMOVED) #

-- It is several minutes before Timeguy reached Dad. The rest of the group is bored at the foot of the stands. --
Bob: What's taking him so long?
Random Kid: He's a time guy right? Maybe he just takes time...
Sloth: Hey! Are you talking about me?!
Random Kid: No... what does being slow have to do with you?
» Sloth thinks for a moment.
Sloth: Hey! You're calling me slow!
Spot: Pst! Hey!
Sloth: What?
» Spot is on the ground in front of them (closer to camera).
Spot: Down here!
» Random Kid looks at the ground but has his back towards Spot.
Random Kid: Oh hey look! This flower can talk! Awesome!
» A rock is thrown at Random Kid.
Random Kid: Ow!
Alice: It's that short midget guy again.
Bob: Didn't I smash you already?
» Bob goes to pick up a tree branch.
Spot: You can't kill me. I'm a gnome. Gnomes are immor-
» Bob smashes him with a tree branch. Spot is a bit dizzy.
Spot: Immortal.
» Bob smashes him again. Spot scrambles to remain standing.
Spot: Stop - I have something to tell you!
» Bob smashes him for the third time.
Spot: It's about Timeguy!
» Bob drops the branch, interested.
Bob: What?
Random Kid: That's really his name?
» Spot acts proud in center of attention.
Spot: I'm just like him.
Bob: What?!
» Bob grabs the tree branch again and smashes him.
Dad: *distant voice* Spot! Come to your master!
Spot: Yes master!
» Spot runs off.
Bob: How dare he run from me!
» Bob chases after him up the steps.
Random Kid: That's HIS Name? Why does everyone have a weird name?
Alice: What's your name then?
» The group goes to follow Bob.

Scene 16: Prophecy (Finished March 28 2007 - May 31 2007) #

-- Cut back to Timeguy's conversation with Dad. --
Dad: I am a professional drunkard-turned-holy-priest. The world is in grave danger... The gods-
Timeguy: You mean GOD.
Dad: GOD has spoken to me. He tells me of a prophecy that I must tell you! Fate has brought you here to me. I have been waiting for you for 29 years...
» There is a moment of silence between the two.
Timeguy: You already said that!
Dad: I know! Now let me continue! The evil kid, whom you innocent children have stumbled-
Timeguy: Hey! I'm 12 years old! Time traveling just makes me LOOK young!
Dad: The evil kid, whom you innocent REJECTS have stumbled upon, has a very unique relation to me, and perhaps all of you.
» Timeguy looks extremely interested.
Dad: He is ... my son.
» There is a moment of silence.
Timeguy: What's that got to do with me?
» Spot comes dashing up the steps and hops onto Dad's shoulder.
Dad: Took you long enough! This is my pet gnome, Spot. I will send him with you to help thwart the Evil Kid. Please take good care of him and feed him at least 7 times a day. He's allergic to cake, cheese, frisbees, tree leaves, and pie.
» Spot hops down between Timeguy and Dad.
Timeguy: Hey! I don't want him! That's a lot of work!
» Bob comes charging up the steps and smashes him with a tree branch. Dad blinks a few times. All is silent before he freaks.
Dad: OH MY GODS! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Don't you listen?! I said he's allergic to tree leaves!
Bob: Relax! This is a tree BRANCH!
Spot: Dad! I'm okay!
» Bob smashes him again.
Bob: See?
» Random Kid and the others finally make it up the stairs.
Bob: You guys are too slow!
Alice: Sloth didn't make it. She collapsed on the third step.
Dad: Spot can help you guys. I have cursed him to obey any orders.
Bob: Spot! Go carry Sloth!
Spot: I can't do that! I'm-
Bob: That's an order!
» Spot grumbles and dashes down the stairs. Bob kicks him off.
Dad: So long, my dear pet Spot!
Random Kid: That was really uncalled for...
Timeguy: Okay, so now that we have Spot, we can use him to defeat the Evil Kid right?
Dad: That is correct. You catch on very fast! It makes me proud to see-
Random Kid: How do we use Spot to defeat the Evil Kid? Do we throw him at the enemy?
Bob: I'll do it!
Dad: You guys are horrible! You must work together! What did you think I meant?!
Timeguy: I thought I was supposed to eat him... to boost my strength right?
Sloth: What do I get to eat?
Bob: Why would you want to eat it? It's so nasty!
Dad: *sigh* You all must go now. The Evil Kid will find this sanctuary soon. May the gods-
Timeguy: God.
Dad: May the GOD watch over you.
» Timeguy and the others start their march down the steps. Dad motions towards Random Kid. Random Kid stays behind.
Dad: They're going to need much more help to overcome the other obstacles. I shall you train you as my apprentice, dear... what's your name?
Random Kid: Oh cool! Maybe you can teach me to rap or something!
-- Cut to solo of Dad lip-syncing and trying to rap without saying anything. --
-- Cut back to normal view. --
» Dad is exhausted. Random Kid is blank.
Random Kid: Okay...
» Dad sighs, stares blankly, and then resumes praying.
-- Fade to black. --
Dad: *praying* They learn something new everyday but never anything more than anyone else.
-- Zoom out of scene of traveling heroes, on TV. --
Dad: They are well on their way. Their destiny is going as it should be.
Random Kid: That sounds great man. I'm really happy for ya.
Dad: However, unfortunately for them, their destiny is that they will fail!
Random Kid: Aw that sucks!
Dad: That's where you come in. You, my friend, shall learn the arts needed to steer them to a far better future, and hopefully the entire mankind will benefit!
Random Kid: Man, I hate art.
Dad: First, you must learn to fly!
» Dad walks off screen. Random Kid follows.

Scene 19: Training pt1 (Finished April 11 2007-April 25 2007) #

-- Cut to quad. --
» Dad walks to center and Random Kid follows.
-- Cut to closer view. --
Dad: Fly as high as you can.
Random Kid: What do you mean?
Dad: Fly as high as you can.
-- Zoom out. --
» Random Kid jumps pathetically.
-- Zoom in. --
Dad: Amazing! Excellent! You are already 726 (random number) lessons ahead of what I originally planned!
Random Kid: That was flying?
Dad: Not quite, but almost. You just have to flap your wings... like this!
-- Zoom out. --
» Dad jumps and flaps his arms up and down. He goes up several stories. Random Kid is in shock.
Random Kid: Dude how you do that? That is crazy!
-- Cut to close up on Dad in the sky. --
» Dad smiles and clasps his hands together to pray and bow.
-- Zoom out. --
» Suddenly he flaps frantically and drops like a rock, landing on the floor with a thud. Random Kid tries to catch him, but decides against it.
-- Cut to black. --

Scene 21: Training pt2 (Finished May 24 2007) #

-- Cut to sky. --
» Random Kid zooms across the sky, far and close.
-- Zoom out to show Dad watching on the ground below, sprawled across the ground and odd angles. --
Dad: Ya!!! Good job! Now do it super speed.
-- Cut to sky. --
» Random Kid does more flying but is fast-forwarded.
Dad: Break a wall with your fist!
-- Cut to brick wall. --
» Random Kid walks up and punches it, breaking his hand instead.
Dad: Kick a flower!
-- Cut to flower. Then cut to zoom out view. --
» Random Kid comes running down, yelling, before kicking the flower as hard as he can.
Dad: Shoot energy beams!
-- Cut to Random Kid standing by Dad on the floor. --
» Random Kid aims directly above Dad, but the beam scorches the entire side of the quad, including Dad.
Dad: Ahh! Not me you dimbledweed!
» Random Kid spins around and fires the other way. The Messenger screams in the distance.
-- Close up on Dad. --
Dad: Do the splits!
-- Cut to zoomed out quad. --
» Random Kid splits in half and falls apart.
-- Close up on Dad. --
Dad: Ah crap.

Scene 23: The Bastard (Finished June 6 2007) #

-- Cut to quad. --
» Dad is pacing back and forth. Random Kid is standing and watching him.
Dad: Kid, there is something I must tell you. Someone in your group will turn on you. Someone . . .
» The Messenger suddenly shows up behind him.
Messenger: Message for Holy Priest.
» Dad turns around, very fearful.
Dad: M-m-message for ME?
Messenger: Playing message 1 of 10.
Dad: Nooo! Stop! Noo!
» Dad steps back.
» The Messenger jerks and chuckles evilly.
Messenger: Holy Priest. I'll show him who's the bastard.
» The Messenger jerks and becomes calm.
Messenger: End of message 1 of 10.
» Dad is relieved and stands by the Messenger. He motions for Random Kid to come.
Dad: Kid, this is my messenger. I have trained him to be the most efficient -
Messenger: Playing message 2 of 10.
» The Messenger jerks and faces Dad, who is unaware.
Messenger: Ow!
» The Messenger smacks Dad.
Messenger: End of message 2 of 10. Playing message 3 of 10.
Dad: Ahh you bastard! You're only supposed to record messages from me!
-- Zoom out. --
» Dad is screaming and being beat up by the Messenger.
-- Fade to black. --
Dad: Goddammit Kid! Do something!

Scene 24: Showup (Finished April 16 2007 - May 29 2007) #

-- View of walkway. --
» Bob, Timeguy, Sloth, and Alice are running down from something.
-- Cut to side of building, zooming out. --
» The heroes cut around the corner and out of sight.
-- Cut to grassland. --
-- View of back (horizon). --
» Bob, Timeguy, Sloth, and Alice are running towards the camera from something.
-- Cut to side view, with the heroes running from left to right. --
» Mr. Alien's spacecraft (Evil Kid's head) lands directly in front of them. Evil Kid appears between them, coming from the spaceship.
-- Cut to grass close up. --
» Evil Kid's feet come into view, marching. One sock is higher than the other.
-- Cut to distance in front of ship. --
» Evil Kid is laughing evilly, but is nowhere to be seen. Then a small speck of Evil Kid slowly marches toward the camera. Evil Kid runs out of breath part way.
Evil Kid: Ah screw it. Surrender! I have you trapped!
-- Cut to empty space. --
» Timeguy runs in.
Timeguy: Hah! I planned for this. I told myself to come back to this exact time next month every minute!
» Timeguy braces himself. Suddenly another Timeguy appears, chewing on a candy bar.
Timeguy2: Hah!
-- Cut to other heroes. --
Bob: That's it?!
-- Cut to Timeguys. --
Timeguy: Wait for it...
» Suddenly Timeguys start appearing all over, all eating a candy bar and each on calling out 'Hah!'.
Timeguy: Now I'm ready! Charge!
» Timeguy runs off to hide with the group. The other Timeguys charge. The Timeguys swarm Evil Kid, who waves a hat around swatting at them. Random lightning bolts are shot out. The Timeguys do not appear to have any clue what they are supposed to be swarming at. Suddenly they stop.
Timeguy2: Oh no! I need to go back in time to help the other Timeguy!
» All the other Timeguys pull out a candy bar and bite into it, screaming 'Hah!' before disappearing.
-- Cut to side view of the group. --
Evil Kid: Bwahaha! Admit it now! I AM your father!
» Bob turns around.
Bob: Look!
-- Cut to back view. --
» Mr. Alien marches towards the group from the horizon. He appears worn down but not defeated. He is carrying a shovel.
-- Cut to side view again, Mr. Alien stops on the left. The heroes are in the middle. Evil Kid and the spaceship are on the right. --
» Mr. Alien starts his evil laugh.
Evil Kid: Shoo! Go away! I killed you already!
Mr. Alien: Fool! You can't kill me that easily!
» Mr. Alien points his shovel randomly and starts firing off huge laser beams. The heroes scatter and run off screen. Evil Kid teleports back into the spaceship, which rises up.
-- Cut to back view. --
Mr. Alien: Aha! This time I have my spare key!
» Mr. Alien raises his fist and opens it to reveal a small twig. He starts to teleport.
-- Cut to Alice. --
» Alice's head starts to shine brightly and a beam fires off towards the camera.
» Mr. Alien is almost gone when the beam fries his hand and he drops the key and also his shovel.
Mr. Alien: Ow!
» He still disappears into the spaceship, but leaves the key behind.
» Alice runs over and picks up the key.
-- Cut to spaceship in the air. --
» Voices of Evil Kid and Mr. Alien are heard in the spaceship. Spaceship constantly transforms between Evil Kid and Mr. Alien's head.
Evil Kid: How'd you get in here?
Mr. Alien: I have a spare key!
Evil Kid: Where?
Mr. Alien: Right here!
Evil Kid: Where?
Mr. Alien: Oh no I lost it!
Evil Kid: You lost your shovel too!
Mr. Alien: It's not a shovel! It's a wooden state-of-the-art, heat-ray-firing garden tool!
Evil Kid: Bwahahaha!
-- Cut back to Alice. --
Alice: Hurry up! They're getting away!
-- Cut to Timeguy, Bob, and Sloth standing in the distance. --
» Timeguy runs over.
Timeguy: Run!
-- Cut back to Alice. --
» The group regathers.
-- Cut to Alice alone, holding the twig in the air. --
Alice: Ready?
-- Cut to Timeguy. --
Timeguy: For what?
-- Cut back to group view. --
» Nothing happens.
Bob: I think you broke it.

Scene 25: Showdown (Finished April 16 2007-May 29 2007) #

-- Cut to back view of horizon. --
Dad: Not so fast!
» Dad marches toward the camera, Spot on his shoulder. Random Kid marches closely by his side.
Dad: To defeat the evilest of the evil people things, we must group together to be the biggest of the good things!
-- Cut to Alice and the others. --
Bob: What are you trying to say?
» Random Kid runs in.
Random Kid: Oh hey! A gun!
Sloth: Don't kill yourself again.
Bob: What are you guys supposed to do?
Random Kid: Holy Dad has taught me well. You must use Spot!
-- Cut to Dad in horizon. --
» Dad looks extremely proud. Spot looks nervously between Dad and the camera.
-- Cut to group. --
Timeguy: Ohhhh yeeeaaaahhhh! I remember that! We're supposed to fire Spot at the Evil Kid!
-- Cut to empty area. --
» Timeguy runs in and holds up a rocket launcher.
Timeguy: Spot! Come here!
» Spot runs over and stops in front of Timeguy. Timeguy stuffs the launcher over Spot and aims the launcher into the sky.
Timeguy: Fire!
-- Cut to above Timeguy at an angle. Timeguy is aiming the launcher at the camera. --
Spot: Oh crap!
» Spot shoots out of the launcher and towards the camera.
-- Cut to far side view. --
» Timeguy is extremely happy and shades his eyes to watch Spot fly off into the sky.
Spot: Time freeze!
-- Cut to close-up on Timeguy. --
» Timeguy becomes confused and squints into the distance.
-- Cut to behind Timeguy facing the spaceship (Evil Kid's head) in the sky. --
» A tiny speck is frozen in between.
-- Cut back to looking down on Timeguy from above. Pan to the right to reveal a enlarged, frozen Spot, facing the camera with an idiotic grin. --
-- Cut back to close side view with Timeguy. --
Spot: Rewind!
» Timeguy gets the launcher ready and Spot zooms back into it. Timeguy steps back as if feeling the impact.
Timeguy: Fire!
» Spot shoots off into the sky and out of the screen.
Spot: Rewind!
» Spot zooms back into the launcher.
Timeguy: Fire!
Spot: Rewind!
Timeguy: Fire!
Spot: Rewind!
-- green screen of the rest of the group watching the scene from far side view. --
Alice: *faces Dad* This isn't working...
Dad: *faces Alice* That's because he's not doing it right!
Random Kid: *turns towards camera* Can Spot really blow up the spaceship?
» The entire group should be turned towards the camera now (facing each other). There is a moment of silence.
Dad: Of course he can! Have I not learned anything I taught you?
» Bob picks up a tree branch that just happens to be on the ground.
Bob: Let me try then.
-- Cut to close-up of Timeguy still firing the weapon. --
Timeguy: Fire!
» Bob pushes Timeguy aside.
Bob: Move!
» Spot zooms back down and Bob swings. Spot zooms off much faster this time.
Spot: Ow!
-- Cut to behind Bob and Timeguy facing the sky. --
» Spot zooms off towards the ship and rebounds off of it. The ship starts to slide out into the distance and disappears.
Bob: Your rocket launcher sucks.
Timeguy: How'd you - nevermind.
» Timeguy pulls out an apple.
-- Cut to apple in Timeguy's hand. --
-- Cut to front view of Bob and Timeguy. --
Timeguy: Mmm... apple!
» Bob makes a motion to steal it.
Bob: Hey, I saved the day. I should have the apple!
» Bob takes the apple and eats it. Timeguy stares blankly and begins to cry. His crying transitions to choking and then an evil laugh. He raises his head.
-- Cut to Timeguy's face. --
» Timeguy becomes extremely mad and insane and begins laughing evilly.

Scene 26: The Beginning of Time (Finished April 19 2007 - May 24 2007) #

-- Zoom out from Timeguy laughing to reveal Bob staring at him. --
Bob: What are you laughing?
» Bob moves in to slap him. Timeguy ducks it.
Timeguy: Not this time.
» Bob swings again and again. Timeguy dodges it and then blocks and catches her hand. There is a loud crackling noise and Timeguy lets go.
Timeguy: Ow! That's it! I've had it!
» Timeguy runs off to an empty space.
-- Cut to Timeguy alone. --
» He pulls out more snacks and starts eating as fast as he can, but chewing carefully with an evil glare towards the group. He laughs evilly with his mouth full.
-- Cut to Random Kid, Alice, Sloth, and Dad. --
» Bob runs in to join.
Random Kid: What'd you do? He looks like he's about to pig himself to death!
Bob: Who cares?
» There's a blur of Timeguy and Bob falls over as if slapped over the head.
Bob: Ow!
-- Cut to Dad alone. --
Dad: Oh no! God told me this would happen! You've made Timeguy-
» Timeguy zooms in and charges into him, dragging him off screen. Dad, in a praying stance, is caught by surprise and his last word echoes.
Dad: -angry-y-y-y!

Scene 27: The End of Time (Finished May 1 2007 - May 24 2007) #

-- Cut to the remaining group. --
Random Kid: Holy Dad! No! TIMEGUY!
-- Cut to Timeguy just jogging away, then dropping Dad and turning around. --
Timeguy: What?
-- Cut to group. --
» Random Kid steps forward.
Random Kid: Leave Holy Dad alone and fight me instead!
-- Cut back and forth between Timeguy's and Random Kid's face close-up. Both are angry at each other. --
-- Cut to group which looks worried. --
-- Cut to behind Random Kid. --
» Random Kid whispers behind him to the group.
Random Kid: Don't worry! Holy Dad taught me well...
» At the same time Timeguy zooms in from the side and Random Kid falls off screen.
» Timeguy stands in center. He pulls out another snack and starts chewing on it.
Timeguy: You fail!
» Random Kid slowly jogs back in from the side and Timeguy zooms towards him.
-- Cut to open area. Timeguy and Random Kid zoom around fighting each other on the ground. At some point, they go off screen, and come back in (greenscreen) to start flying. --
-- Towards the end of the fighting, they fall back to the ground (one of them lands). --
» Random Kid is becoming tired. Timeguy takes a bite out of a candy bar and charges at him.
Random Kid: Oh no!
» Random Kid falls backward and Timeguy flies over him.
-- In actual video, Random Kid's top half falls down while his legs remain standing. --
» Timeguy lands on the other side, confused. He turns around and looks right over Random Kid's body, not seeing Random Kid below him.
-- Cut to group. --
Alice: Shouldn't we help him or something?
Bob: No.
Sloth: You guys are horrible! I'll save you random person!
» Sloth runs towards the camera, but collapses.
Sloth: Oh my god! Heart attack!
-- Cut to behind Timeguy. Random Kid is hidden on the grass. --
» Timeguy suddenly points towards the field.
Timeguy: Ohhh! Look! A flower!
» Timeguy runs towards it to pick it up. Random Kid slowly rises behind him and watches.
-- Zoom to Timeguy. --
Timeguy: So strange! Why is there a lone flower here?
-- Cut to Random Kid, facing the camera. --
» Random Kid twitches a bit. Dad's voice echoes 'Kick the flower...'
-- Cut to Timeguy, view now with crosshair. A target circle appears on the flower he's holding. --
-- Cut to Random Kid. --
» Dad runs in behind him in the distance.
Dad: Kick the flower you idiot! (in ghostly voice)
» Random Kid charges towards the camera and jumpkicks, while screaming.
-- Cut Timeguy, zooming in on him. --
» Timeguy looks towards the camera and screams, holding the flower in his hand.
-- Cut to side. --
» Random Kid jumpkicks and Timeguy flies backwards onto the grass. Timeguy gets up and quickly starts running away toward middle of the screen. Random Kid faces him and fires an energy beam at him before chasing after. Timeguy is knocked down by the energy beam.
-- Cut to behind Timeguy, slowly getting up. --
» Random Kid is seen running up behind him. Timeguy slowly turns around, very scared and holding up the flower to the side. Random Kid screams and jumps at him.
-- Cut to side. --
» Timeguy is still holding up the flower and cowering. Random Kid finishes his jump and slaps the flower out of Timeguy's hand. Random Kid then resumes to pounce on the flower and destroy it. Timeguy turns around, confused.
» Random Kid finishes and stands proud over the dead flower.
-- Cut to Timeguy. --
» Timeguy becomes angry and charges towards the camera. Random Kid is heard being knocked down.
-- Cut to side. --
» Random Kid is lying unconscious. Dad is running and screaming in the background. Timeguy is in a frenzy and glances back and forth. He spots the camera and charges towards it.
-- Cut to group. --
Alice: Oh no he's coming this way!
» Sloth is still lying on the ground and suddenly gets up. She turns around towards the group.
Sloth: Run! Don't just stand there!
» Dad sticks his head in from behind the group.
Dad: Shh! He's colorblind! Maybe if we don't move, he won't see us!
-- Cut to Timeguy's vision of them, marching up. Everything is blue. --
-- Cut to group again. --
» Timeguy is seen marching up from the camera behind Sloth.
Bob: Look behind you!
-- Cut to side. --
» Sloth spins around, screams, and puts out her hand. Timeguy is suddenly lifted slightly in the air and running in place.
Timeguy: Hey put me down!
» Sloth faints and he falls to the ground.
-- Cut to Timeguy. --
» Timeguy gets up and looks extremely pissed. Suddenly an alarm rings. He is shocked and pulls out a clock.
Timeguy: Oh no! Time ran out!
» Timeguy begins to fade.
Timeguy: Noooooooo!
» In desperate attempt, Timeguy begins shoving food into his mouth but he eventually fades away.
-- Cut to group. --
» Sloth is slightly in front and in deep shock.
Sloth: Did I do that?
» Dad runs in behind the group from the front and back towards the front. (full U-turn) He stands next to Sloth and looks proud.
Dad: We all did it! Good job team!
» Spot is scene falling from the sky in the background.
-- Fade to black. --