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Title: My demon Guardian (remake)
Post by: Solaris on October 04, 2012, 06:33:00 PM
Synopsis: After a demon escapes from the demon realm he seeks salvation in the human world, yet is followed and hunted while there. He meets up with a human girl who offers him a place to stay and he learns to live with her, and inevitably gets her involved into her problem which he then has to get her out of.


Syndelphon "Simon": The demon being pursued, he is said to have the musicians talent and can play the "piano" which gives demons enhanced abilities that Beelzebub wants to use to take over mankind. He is not the real musician, he doesn't know where the rumors started but he knows he isn't and doesn't want to be caught for it. he grew up with Gate, and Necro.

Linda: and ordinary human who just got out of school for the summer, and is thrown into this magic world of demons.

Necro: Simon's long time friend, growing up together Gate, Necro and Simon made plans to be nomadic demons and just travel the realm, but once word that Simon was a musician got out Beelzebub ordered Necro to be part of his demon army to get closer to Simon, but never reaching him.

Beelzebub: King of the Demons, got his crown for being the strongest, so no one ever challenges him for it. Wants to go up to the human world, but cannot because of the realm shift that was mandated by the gods, preventing any unnatural being to enter the demon plain, if they do they are either 1. weak are terminated by the powerful realm currents and thrown back as a pile of bones. 2. get their bodies rearranged into that of a human.

Gatelyrath "Gate": a friend of Simon's who also claimed to be a musician to help Simon escape into the human realm. They grew up together and Simon knows that Gate is a musician, but kept that his secret to keep Gate safe. now that Simon is on the Run gate ran a anti-Simon hunt rally, calling Simon a phony and him the real musician. Beelzebub put him in prison, and gate refuses to play for him.

Brendan: Another human, he likes Linda and often hangs out with her. he gets discouraged when he sees her hanging out with Simon, and gets thrown into the demon troubles as well.

Title: Re: My demon Guardian (remake)
Post by: Solaris on October 07, 2012, 12:41:44 AM
Scene: 1 [ entering the human realm.]

(Camera pans and tilts at the entrance of a high school, the bell has just rung and students run outside. Enter Linda who is walking to the bike rack with Brendan.)

Linda: Can you believe it Bren? School's out, we've graduated, Everything's going to change for us.

Bren: Yeah i know right, College, jobs, phew! i'm feeling old just thinking about it. We'll still be able to hang out right? (nervous laughs)

Linda: ( blushing a little bit) yeah of course, Just cuz we're getting older doesn't mean i don't like- (catches herself almost saying like you, Brendan notices this) like hanging out with you.

Bren: (nervous chuckling) yeah, hehe... i should be going.... (gives Linda a hug)

Linda: yeah, me too. (pulls bike from the rack) I'll see you around (hugs Bren)

Bren: Later. (walks away)

( close up of Linda walking away with her bike.) That was close, ( a drop of rain hits her.) Huh? rain? (looks up and a few clouds have formed.) But it's summer, it shouldn't be raining. (gets on her bike and leaves.)

(camera tilts up to the clouds then back down, we are in a completely different place, a forest,  a rift forms from the outside of the camera, we notice this from a flash of light and a guy running in from off-screen with chains restraining his upper body. a few minutes later a woman walks through the rift with three guards next to her.)

Necro: Ugh, this is the human realm, we should get him quickly. Before the purging happens. (the bodies fade, and cut to the next scene where the man is running and Necro and her three guards surround him.)

Necro: Enough running! We've chased your through countless realms, how long do you think you can elude us Syndelphon?

Simon: I don't go that name anymore, call me Simon. (smirks) and I'm not running, I'm strategizing.

Necro: Strategizing? (scoffs) You're surrounded how can you possibly get out of this?

Simon: Well my dear Necro answer me this, you know how demos aren't allowed in the human realm right? well tell me this, you've got me surrounded, but how much time do you think you've wasted by talking to me? What about now? I've just been buying time. (smirks)

Necro: (eyes wied open) Shit! back to the gate! (runs ahead, her body then pulses heavily) No! the change is happening. Move now!

(the guards follow after Necro,  Simon trips the nearest guard that passes him, and sits on him, the guard struggles to get up, then his body starts convulsing, he screams and his body dematerializes. leaving all his gear behind.)

Simon: Guess these count as human? (inspecting the gear left behind. Looks closer and sees a key left behind.) well this can come in handy. (he kneels down and picks it p with his mouth. he walks away with the key)

[end of scene 1]


Title: Re: My demon Guardian (remake)
Post by: Solaris on October 07, 2012, 05:59:43 PM
Scene 2: [ Demon's inside]:

(Scene opens with rain coming down and Linda biking to her house. She gets off her bike  soaking wet, and heads for her house, she shes the door is already open.)

Linda: Huh? Is mom home already? (shrugs it off and comes inside.) I'm home! (no response.) Mom? Dad? Hello? (notices there are wet footprints on the tiles of the house, leading to the upstairs.) Whoever you are, show yourself now! I'm... (looking around for something to use, finds something) armed.

(Linda carefully makes her way up the steps, to the see Simon collapsed on the floor.

Linda: Hello? (prodding the body) Hello? Get up. Get up now!

Simon: (slowly waking up) Ugh, What's going on?

(a still chained Simon squirms til he's sitting down)

Linda: (pointing her "weapon" at Simon) Who are you and how did you get inside my house? Answer me now!

Simon: My name is Simon, and you really don't need weapon, I'm already all chained up. 

Linda: ( Just noticing the chains) Oh, huh, guess you are. How? Why did you come here?

Simon: I was being chased, so I need to find a place to escape, your house was the closest so i just kicked the door and came inside.

Linda: You just broke into my house! Where the hell did you come from, and why the hell did you do that? For that matter why are you in chains?!

Simon: calm down, i'll fix everything, but i need to ask a favor of you. Can you untie these chains?

Linda: Why would i ever do that? I mean i just met you, why in the world would I help you?

Simon: Because I can answer all your questions better if i'm untied. (smirks) Plus i can't really clean without using my hands.

Linda: (sigh) Fine. ( massaging her head) I can't believe i'm doing this.

Simon: The key is right there. (gesturing to the key with his head)

(Linda picks the up the key and unlocks the chains. As the chains fall off a red aura and loud roars come from the chains. they fall off and the roaring stops.)

Linda: What? What was that?

Simon: (getting up) I am free! (stretching his arms) feels good to move my arms again.

Linda: what was all that?

Simon: I'm a demon, those chains are what sealed my demon powers, when you removed the chains my powers were also released.

Linda: What? Huh? You, you're a demon?

Simon: (casually) yup, now let's get this mess cleaned up.

Linda: Right, Right, But after this you better explain everything.

Simon: Sure sure.

(scene fades away with Simon, and Linda cleaning up the mess he made.)

[end of scene 2]