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Title: Another Normal Day (Working Title)
Post by: countglenn on October 01, 2012, 12:05:09 AM
it's been a while since this was used

I'm not exactly sure what to pour into this script or what to do precisely, but that hasn't stopped me from writing a script before.

What I have decided on is a testament to the skewed and stinted version of my memories thanks to my overactive imagination. It's essentially little snippets from my life (if possible) put through the lens of what it looks like in my imagination.

What we do need is a main character. If anything, he's a direct copy of myself, but in this case let's call him...


Doug- An average sort of dude. Has just recently started to get out much more. Has a selective knowledge and attention span. As a result, he does not know how things work in the real world generally. Calamity and comedy ensue.


1. Who am I?

My name is Doug. Um... I would characterize myself as being an okay kind of guy. Easygoing, but I'm a definite stickler for the rules. Or... the rules I set for myself. I'm not sure what rules I follow. I FOLLOW RULES. Okay. Um... I just graduated high school and I'm attending college. It's not that great of an accomplishment, but I suppose in society's standings it's good. I'm currently unemployed, but I'm looking for jobs. Hopefully I can find one soon. My hobbies include playing card games and playing video games. Most of this is to take my mind off of my life, which I'm pretty scared of.

2. What time is it?

Uh... the present? It's in modern society, but the calendars don't specify any years.

3. Where am I?


4. What surrounds me?

That depends whether you're talking metaphorically or physically. Physically, I have a room that's never clean, a school that keeps me on guard all the time, and a whole little town to traverse around. Metaphorically, I have little puns and jokes, and little fears and tics.

5. What are the given circumstances?

Um... An encroaching society is bearing down on my poor, unfortunate soul.

6. What is my relationship?

Single, as of now. But I have plenty of friends to keep me company.

7. What do I want?

Not quite sure. I'm sort of aimlessly drifting through life at the moment. But I don't want to feel lonely. That's one thing.

8. What's in my way?

Lack of Motivation. Cowardice. Laziness.

9. What do I do to get what I want?

Man up. Fly right. Things people tell me to do.


As a note, this series is all about how Doug faces his fear of encroaching society.

As it is, that would mean there are three companions to Doug, as well as one detached, unseen character, who represent simulacrum of Demitry, Devin, Simon, and Christian respectively. Two of which aren't too keen on acting.


Vince- On the surface, Vince would gladly cut the shit out of anybody who tried to oppose him, but he's a well-mannered person if there ever was one. Is best friends with Doug. Doug is morbidly afraid of Vince's parents.

"North"- A particularly erratic individual who finds interest in Japanese animation, tabletop RPGs, and psychology. He's constantly at work to occupy himself, but doesn't mind the occasional visit from the guys.

Stuart- Stu pops up time to time in Doug's life to offer an outlet. Has known Doug since middle school. Doug considers him to be a cousin, as he is not necessarily close enough to be considered a brother, but is much more of a reliable form of therapy.

Chris- An unseen character who was Doug's best friend before he left to study abroad. Doug gets calls from him time to time. He serves as Doug's best place of advice, even though it takes a long time for him to actually get around to giving him advice.


Likewise, there are definitely female characters, including a love interest. But... Due to personal fiat, I am going to leave out the parallel of Doug having an ex. My imagination skews that to depths that I don't want to go in-depth on film about. If I get over that while this show is happening, I'd be glad to insert the fact, but it would simply be Doug freezing up, similar to the way Brock was in Pokemon after he left Ash's crew to go study with the female professor (whose name I've forgotten).

Furthermore, I can't make a love interest for Doug until I have somebody to chase after myself. So that character list is empty and will get edited soon.

As for Episode Synopses, I'll have to give it some thought. Later, I'll edit the note with episode ideas. I intend the episodes to be about 15 minutes long.

Will write more later.

Title: Re: Another Normal Day (Working Title)
Post by: Solaris on October 01, 2012, 12:10:26 AM
This could be like a sort of episodic in the life of. Just more crazier and entertaining. Also the professor Brock studies with is Ivy. Prof Ivy. Don't quote me on that one its from a hazy memory.

Title: Re: Another Normal Day (Working Title)
Post by: countglenn on October 01, 2012, 12:25:26 PM
Pilot: "Another Normal Day"


If anything, this is as close to "A Day in the Life" as I'm ever going to get in this show (of course, this is Doug's, not mine; if that were the case, Doug would most likely be going to work, which he doesn't have). Each character is going to make an appearance here, and the kick is that each character has his or her own instrument that plays along with the chosen theme (which I don't have a name for at the moment, but I'm working on it):

Doug- Finger-picked acoustic guitar
Vince- Bass
Stu- Organ
North- Harmonica
Chris- Clarinet
Love Interest- Violin/Cello (i need to get my hands on a violin/cello for this one, but I can figure out something here. I mean, it's not like I need to learn a new instrument for this one (i do))

This is simply an action-based film. There is no dialog.